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ch ch ch changes…

Good morning yogis!!! 

Change is afoot. Change is inevitable. Change is the one thing we can count on for sure….or can we? Yeah, totally we can.

Change comes. Sometimes we go to it, sometimes we run from it, sometimes we embrace it and sometimes we fear it. But change always comes.

Do you know the experience of your full life filling up your full days and not leaving time for much else? Do you also know the experience of getting INSPIRED, and SOMEHOW you seem to CREATE space in your life to ADD something that is IMPORTANT and you WANT to do…? Notice how you WORK REALLY HARD to put in all your time and effort, and you are run off your feet doing all the things you HAVE to do on a regular day to day basis, PLUS WHATEVER IT TAKES to accomplish the CHANGE your are NOW CREATING. Notice how inspired you are and how you don’t care about sleep, and how much you actually look forward to your lunch break spent working on the project, whatever it is…buying a new car, remodeling your house, getting your kids into college, building a business, preparing for a dinner party…you get the drift. We have all sorts of things in our lives that are obligatory, the things we HAVE to do like clean the toilet and get gas in the car…these things are not often inspiring or derivative of our passions, but we do them and make them happen and accept that they are part of daily living.

Change happens in our lives whether we are looking for it or not. Transition. Evolution. Doesn’t matter what you call it, there is no way you can keep everything the same in your life because that is not the nature of the world. 

I read an article the other day talking about mental attitude and how our thoughts dictate our emotions, physical sensations, etc. When you work out and your muscles are sore the next day, you feel excited that you did something, right? You take a “killer” yoga class and the next afternoon you are having trouble sitting down to pee or walking up and down stairs…but you love it!! Ha! You love it because you worked hard at it, you pushed yourself to create change and now you feel the results of your hard work. Reap the rewards. Now, imagine yourself waking up in the morning and rolling over and suddenly feeling a twang of muscle soreness in your back because you slipped and had to torque yourself suddenly so as not to crack your head on the ground…you slipped, not a big deal, you are fine…but the next day you feel it. You have to slowly sit up, slowly stand up, and it hurts to sit down and stand up too much. 

The emotional difference is that one is something that you created and one is something that was just handed to you. Same kind of physical sensations, right? Same kind of result in the physical body, but the emotional and mental difference is what makes all the difference…the sensations and results of doing full camel for the first time and slipping on the ice are almost identical, but one has you get out of bed, chuckle, bend, stretch, chuckle some more, grab your foam roller and tennis ball and get excited to go out and use your body!! The other, makes you not want to move, not want to get out of bed, feel sorry that it happened and reach for the Advil.

All change is the same, I think. Have you ever moved? Like a big move….how about a break-up? A big one. A new job? If you are the INSTIGATOR of change in your life, you move into it with excitement and forward energy, generally. If you are being “forced” to do something, like you got “dumped” or “fired” (such horrible meaning attached to these words!), then the resulting emotions, and physical sensations are laced with doubt, worry, anxiety, fear and overall blech energy…which is only forward moving because you can’t stay where you are anymore, they don’t want you!! Lol, we are such funny humans. If a relationship ends, it wasn’t the right fit anymore. If you lose your job, it’s not the right fit. If you choose that you want to lower your cost of living so as to have more money to raise your family, you choose to move to a different city where you can pay less rent and walk to work…it’s tough and difficult to make a move, to leave your home, to leave your friends and family and familiarity…but what is on the other side is so awesome too!! Thing is, with change, we never really know what is on the other side, so there isn’t that reward of knowing how the change is going to impact you…sometimes only an unknown, to which we can attach any kind of feeling or emotion. 

One of my mentors in my early adulthood used to say, “the only relationship you’ll ever have that ‘worked’ is the one that you’re in when you die”.

Be aware when you let your emotions dictate how you should feel…physically, mentally and spiritually…especially spiritually.

I love you, yogis!! I have been having a love affair with podcasts of a woman named Brene Brown…she has been studying shame (and other things), and is very inspiring!! More to come…

Have a great Saturday xox






Some Days, being a World Traveller Super Hero has it’s Cost…

Hello my yogis!!! Wow. You know, I have something to write here pretty well every single day….and then every single day I think that the thoughts in my head won’t make nearly as good a blog post as a stream of consciousness…so I don’t end up writing…HOWEVER, today, it all came together. 

I have been a traveller, a wanderer, a nomad, an explorer and an enjoyer of all places for the past 10 years or so. I have travelled the World, seen places, met people and have sought adventure and fulfillment in the seeing of new places and the enjoyment of the vast planet Earth. I have loved my life. I love my life. I have never had to work in a desk job (which, please no offence to anyone, is my complete nemesis), I get to witness inspiration and determination EVERY SINGLE DAY which is MIND BLOWING! However, with these extraordinary amazing awesome fantastic life adventures I get to have…there is the sometimes saddening events of family that I am absent for. I love my family. We are an eclectic group. We are diverse in our personalities and interests…but we like to celebrate eachother, and today I missed such an event. 

Today my mom had her convocation ceremony to honour her in EARNING her Masters degree, and being honoured for her hard work and determination over the past 2 years of study. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always wanted to have her Masters degree. She is a smart and amazing woman who has given and devoted her life to her family (as I am seeing is the biggest gift of the strongest women) and has now finally come to realize a life-long goal. She is, and always has been my biggest supporter and one of my biggest inspirations. 



So, here I am. Living my life as an adventurer and as a yogi of the world. I get to be in a far away land and still get to  experience the joys of the people who are in my life…..through the modern technologies of the the internet!!! I was not able to be with my family today in Canada, but though the benefits of the Modern Age, I didn’t miss a minute!


I had the livestream going on the computer and was FaceTiming with my sissycousin!! It was awesome. I mean..don’t get me wrong, BEING THERE would have been the MOST awesome, but this was a pretty awesome second best.

So, a good event for realizing balance between having my life as I want to live it AND being able to be wherever I want to be at any given moment!! It truly is amazing.  

Thank you, world and universe, for being so diverse in your technologies. Thank you, Family, for being so supportive in my plight to spread my wings. Thank you Mama, for being so driven and for being SO. FUCKING. SMART. that I can’t help but feel inspired to be equally as amazing as it is in my GENES!!!

Don’t be afraid, yogis…you can have it ALL…be there and be everywhere. 

I love you.

~Ida xox


Around the world and back again

Good morning my Loves!!

I have just returned from my travels to Europe…and let me tell you, I am smitten beyond smitten!! Europeans love LOVE and I LOVED all the people and all the places that I got to meet, see and experience on my trip.

I took a ballet class the other night which I am excited to write about…because of all the things that occurred while in the class!

I cannot tell you all the amazing thins I ATE while I was away!! I am changing my handle, and I feel like I want to write a bit about my food journey the past months…stay tuned.

Yoga abounds in this amazing world, yogis. I had an amazing adventure, and I am SO happy to be back in the world that I am currently creating and living in day to day. My bed never felt so good as it did lastnight.

Till later, my Loves…I have lots to share 😉
Ida xx

From Paris, with Love

From Paris, with Love