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Bikram Yoga is a Beginning Yoga Class…

Good evening, Yogis.

I just finished reading a great article from the NY Times titled “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”, and an article about that article from the Globe and Mail titled “Is Yoga Ruining Your Body?”. Both of these articles (I highly recommend reading them) talk about strong arming yourself into doing things when you aren’t ready or able…

I just finished a post about my own experience with practicing Bikram Yoga over the years and I really appreciate these articles because I know what it is like to do something when I’m not ready to do it.

The reason I do want to write to you now though is to say that BIKRAM YOGA IS A BEGINNER’S PRACTICE…we don’t do headstands and handstands or even Chaturanga in this series because it is designed for BEGINNERS and for EVERYONE…now now, hold your horses…I know that not everyone LIKES Bikram Yoga but what I want to get across is that this series is very safe for everyone. There is no jerky movement and you are not putting force or weight on things that don’t usually have force or weight on them. (Please don’t think that I am putting down ANY other form of yoga, I’m simply saying what Bikram Yoga is about). Of course you can over do it in a Bikram class. Of course you can push yourself beyond where you need to go…of course you might get tricked into thinking you have more flexibility than you have because the heat has limbered you up, and of course you might feel sore when you practice Bikram Yoga. However, you might also feel energized and enlivened and re-newed! You might feel symptoms of chronic pain melt away and experience a heightened sense of self awareness and find yourself joyful!

The biggest thing to remember is that it is YOUR body and YOU have to find what works for YOU. There is going to be breakdown (Rajashree says that that is by design in a yoga practice), and subsequently with breakDOWN there is enevitably breakTHROUGH!

Breathe, keep your eyes open, your ears tuned, your mind clear and your heart open. Namaste, puppies.