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you can’t rush the Universe…is that new?

Hello my yogis. Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I don’t like to write unless I’m inspired and feel like I have something good to say…otherwise I become one of those annoying bloggers with nothing to say.

So, yesterday I was driving to meet a friend for tea and it suddenly donned on me…we really ARE capable of creating whatever we want in our lives, but sometimes is takes longer than we want or imagine. IS THAT NEW INFORMATION? Why have I not realised this before? The realisation started while I was cleaning out some things from my closet and came across a few old collages that I’ve made over the years. (As a side story, I like to make collages and hang them on my walls and stare at them. It started as a form of New Year’s resolution type activity about 10 years ago, and then turned into an anytime I need inspiration and forward movement activity…honestly, having the things that I’m creating in my life in picture and words right in front of me helps in the manifestation. VISUALIZATION=MANIFESTATION). So, there I was, reminiscing about the things that I’ve wanted and/or created in my life over the past few years and thinking about the things that I would include in my next collage and what I would leave off of the collage. It didn’t don on me until I was in the car that even though I may have had to keep putting some things on year after year, that eventually I either don’t desire said thing anymore or I actually create it and get to move on!

I wonder why I forgot that stuff doesn’t always look as we think it’s going to look or come when we think it’s going to come. I am a firm believer that the Universe will always provide exactly what I need when I need it (remember that it might not always be what I WANT, but it’s always what I NEED). And, I am also a firm believer that we can create WHATEVER we want (and, I will be honest, I have thought that for a long time, but secretly knew that there had to be some kind of “cap”…I mean how could we REALLY create ANYTHING…right? WRONG. We really CAN create it all!), but this is the kicker…IT SOMETIMES TAKES LONGER THAN WE THINK IT WILL. Duh.