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Bodacious Bodies in Beautiful Bandeaus…a follow up

Hello my lovelies!! The SUN is shining after the weather man said it was going to be rainy and dreary and blech all week so I am (silently) singing up a storm this afternoon. (wow, did I get hit by the alliteration stick today or something?)

I wanted to give a shout out to my new friend, Kelly Wade, over at Heidi Hat. Kelly somehow connected to me through the ether and contacted me “out of the blue” the other day about bandeau tops….THEIR bandeau tops to be specific. She came across my post “Bikram ban of the bandeau…thoughts about appropriate yoga attire” and sent me a note. As it turns out I believe it was the very same day that I was actually wearing my Heidi Hat bandeau that she contacted me…see?…she connected through the ether!;)

I believe in my previous post I said that I do indeed enjoy a good bandeau top for myself, and went on to say that it depends on the brand and style…and led into how I pretty well adjust everything I wear in yoga regardless of what it is and what style it is just because either a) I have not found the perfect fitting thing for my body that I like, or b) the nature of what we do-moving and stretching-causes pretty well anything and everything to move slightly on the body, so an adjustment is necessary (I have something more to add to that regarding my time down in Mexico City, but I won’t get into it now…you’ll just have to wait for that one!).

SO, all that being said, I want to give a shout out to a couple brands that I DO quite like and tell you why I like them…and, depending on the time I have before running out to take class, I might cover a few others that don’t work for me but look super cute on other people’s bodies different from my own!

So, as I said, Kelly from Heidi Hat contacted me. I first became aware of Heidi Hat in 2007 when I was in Hawaii and saw my friend, Brandy, wearing some cute little shorts (I like them little!!)…turns out she was selling them so I got myself a pair! A couple years ago I was over in Vancouver and saw a couple girls wearing a super cute 2 colour twisted bandeau top and HAD to have one…turns out that was Heidi Hat as well! So, since that time I’ve been wearing my Heidi Hat bandeau often, both for teaching and for practicing and loving every minute of it. It is just the right size-it has enough room for me to be covered up while at the same time it looks good on the smaller chested girls as well. It is one colour on one side and other colour on the other side (mine is black and brown) but twisted at the back so you always see a bit of the opposite colour no matter what. Plus, the fabric is great, dries fast, so it’s great for me for travelling and drying my clothes in bathrooms and on hangers!

Check them out…they also have cute colourful patterns for shorts and skirts etc…question is: do they even have HATS??!! funny www.heidihat.com

I have a few bandeaus from Phat Buddha which I vacillate on. For the most part I like my sparkly ones-mainly because they are sparkly, and let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t like a bit of sparkle, especially in the yoga room??!! I do find, however, that they don’t have the *best* support in them, so some days I have to choose for something a little more substantial, especially when teaching and/or demonstrating.

I also like the Yogabela bandeau. They, too, have a twist in the back for a nice detail and always use nice bright colours and patterns. I like the yogabela ones because they are sturdy, double layered, and are a pretty good support.

When I teach I often wear Shakti…it’s become my favourite for teaching in (both capris and tops). The only Shakti top I wear these days is the Romantic Vest Top…I like it both in sold colours and in patterns (they fabric is different so they fit slightly differently). I just got myself 2 new ones when I was in Edmonton last week…a fab print with the word “love” printed all over it in different languages and a really pretty one with koi fish on it which I will be wearing this afternoon for the first time.

OK, lastly, I will talk about bottoms…these days I’m wearing either Tonic gather shorts, Shakti side string shorts, and now I have a couple pair from new Chikum from Vancouver-2 styles the sexy shorts and their version of a side string.

OH! I almost forgot…I have to give a shout out to ONZIE! My fav one piece leo to practice advanced (and sometimes beginners) class in!! I have all three styles of onzie but my favourite is the halter (any of you who know me and have practiced advanced with me over the past year know how I love my purple halter onzie!!). I just ordered a pair of their side string shorts as well…I just couldn’t resist the new scull pattern ;)(just as an aside, I do have a couple bandeaus from Onzie as well, but I use them mostly for under tanks and on the lake in the summer, etc…they are just a touch too short in the rise for me).

OK…I have to run off to class here pretty quick, but I will say this. You will have to try on a bunch of stuff and practice in several things before you find what you like and what works for you.If you see someone in class who has a similar body type to you, ask her what brand she is wearing and check it out. That is not to say that different bodies can’t wear the same styles, but you get what I’m saying. When you are trying something on, make sure to bend over, do a little half moon and backbend…see if it stays put…and, know that you might just buy a few things that don’t end up working for you afterall, but that is true for everything in life!

Happy shopping, yogis…believe me when I say this…when you have yoga clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in and ones that you LOVE…you will LOVE going to yoga and doing your practice SO much more…trust me!