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Who I am as a Teacher is…

Hello my loves!! Been gone so long! You know, I think about writing all the time, but when the inspiration doesn’t come, the inspiration doesn’t come. I often have all these lofty ideas for things I want to write about…and if they stay with me for longer than a few minutes, then chances are I am gearing up for something. 

So, here we are, Saturday afternoon, and I am inspired!! 

This morning I was in class, lying in Savasana, and I was reflecting on the teacher and the style of his teaching. All through my teaching, I have noticed how others teach and how effective it was. At times I have been more loving, generous, talky, picky, bitchy, loud, silent, strict, focussed, mean, nice, easy, carefree, specific, conscious, unconscious….the list goes on…in my teaching. I’ve been teaching almost 11 years, so I’ve been every type of teacher. I have tried on as many styles as I can think of on the path to teaching as me. I needed to borrow other people’s style and detail. I had to study how others teach, how students react to those teachers, what people say about them, how their tools worked for me…or not. I had to try it all on in order to see what fit!! I am the most at ease in my teaching now.  The way I teach is the closest to just me, Ida, teaching yoga…not “Ida The Yoga Teacher” teaching class.

Back to class. I was hearing the teacher and listening to how he used his words. I noticed how he paced his class, how he controlled the heat, the air, the doors, etc. It started me thinking…in the evolution of teaching (I am assuming this is in everything we do, but I am only referring to teaching yoga, as that is what I know 😉 ), we start by gathering as much information as we can (mostly in the form of taking other people’s classes), and start to use this information in our own teaching. We try styles of speaking, intonation, pace, timing, body language, etc. (well, I hope everyone does this…especially as a young teacher-figure out who YOU are as a teacher, try it ALL on!), and soon we start to figure out who we are as our own teacher. The goal, I understand now, is to teach from who I am and use tools that I’ve learned along the way to gain more knowledge and just keep growing my teaching with what I learn through the growth of my own practice, as well as what I learn through teaching…haha, and would not forget to mention what I learn through LIFE…forever and always evolving. 

All this made me think “who am I as a teacher?”…”who is he as a teacher?”…”who are we all as teachers?”….!?

I focus mostly on alignment and precision and eliminating the bull$#!t we all create in our own practice. Stand still, breathing normally, begin again. This morning who he was (at least how he was to me) is simple, concise, clean, easy (as in “at ease”, not that the class was not hard).

All the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, classes I’ve taken and all the different “techniques” I’ve tried and used over the years are all stepping stones and tools getting me to where I am now….I teach from who I am. I teach with the intention that everyone who leaves from my class feels INSPIRED to want to come back and try it again tomorrow. My intention is always to feel better…I want my students to always FEEL BETTER after class. Who I am as a teacher is precision. All those things work together because I tried it all on until the pieces came together. This is who I am now, it’s come together at this time like this and it feels complete and joyful. Some days I’m lower energy, and some days I’m higher…but always, who I am as a teacher is precision. My intention for ALL my students is to be INSPIRED to come back tomorrow and to FEEL BETTER. 

Try it…who are you as a teacher? Make your goal to seek out and find as many techniques as you can until you figure out who you are as a teacher. Keep your intention clean and concise and allow yourself to be you, teaching yoga, with all the tools you have learned along the way…and will continue to learn…forever and always evolving. 

That’s all I got this sunny Saturday, yogis!! Felix and I are gonna go head to meet our pack and get some exercise and vitamin D!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

Ida xx

Aaaaaaaah, SAVASANA

Good evening, Lovelies~

I’ve been thinking about Savasana for the past couple days (who am I kidding, I’ve been thinking about Savasana for ages!) so thought I would write a little something about it….from my point of view as a student of yoga, as well as a teacher.

Savasana, simply translated as “corpse pose” or “dead body pose”, is primarily a relaxation posture. Savasana is beneficial for allowing the body to absorb benefits from an asana (posture)  practice, such as Hatha Yoga (Bikram Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice). This from Wikipedia, “Following an asana practice ending in savasana, the body may be in the anabolic state of metabolism during which organ and muscle repair and development is occurring”. In a Bikram yoga class we practice Savasana several times per class (23 including FINAL Savasana), and each one is important. We practice the first Savasana for about 2 minutes. This is the change from the standing series (which Bikram refers to as the warming up exercises) to the floor series (the “real yoga”). It allows the body to slow the heart rate, assimilate the benefits of the elevated heart rate, the faster breathing pattern, the flushing of the circulatory system…just to name a few things. Throughout the rest of the class we practice the Savasana in between each set of each posture, for a shorter time-20 or so seconds. This 20 seconds allows the body to get one full circle of the circulatory system (ever notice how the word “circle” is similar to the word “circulatory”?), thereby aiding in the natural irrigation of the circulatory system with the help of the respiratory system (in other words, flushing your system!)

The final Savasana is the same as the first Savasana is the same as the Savasanas in between. It’s included in the series to give you the optimal benefits from the postures and the class. You just worked so hard in the class for 90 minutes, you deserve the rest and rejuvenation that the final Savasana can provide you with. This also from Wikipedia, “(Savasana is practiced) typically 20-30 minutes although often less in Western yoga classes.” So…this gets me to my point…what’s up, Yogis, what’s the hurry??! I’ve been noticing lately in class that students are racing out at the end of class without taking Savasana. Some take maybe a few seconds, just enough time for the teacher to exit the room, but some are up and out like a shot before the teacher even turns off the light or finishes speaking. SLOW DOWN, YOGIS!! You need your Savasana!

I’ve seen it in many studios, not just one or two…I travel to many studios all over the place and the epidemic is rampant. I know for me that in my journey of my practice, I have noticed that the better my final Savasana, the better I feel after class and for the rest of the day. I totally understand that this class (Bikram yoga) is a big committment for people…physically, mentally, spiritually and TIME committment. I get it…however, in the grand scheme of your life, where are 1-2 minutes going to benefit you more…racing out the door, or being still and breathing at the end of a class…?

Just think about it. I’m not preaching to you or telling you what to do or not do, I’m simply telling you my observation. My job here is not to teach behaviour, it is to teach you the postures. I lend you by observation because I have learned through my own experience a thing or two about this practice. Savasana is your friend, believe me. See if you can find an extra minute or two to give to yourself…and then just see if you feel the difference.

Namaste, puppies. See you in the hot room

From www.bikramwyoga.com

Bikram in Savasana

“Dead Body Pose facilitates powerful blood flow, then lets circulation return to normal, creating internal cleansing and greatly magnifying the benefits of the postures that precede it.”