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Apple Cafe (inside Ingredients HF Store)

Good rainy afternoon, Kittens…

It’s a rainy Friday here in Victoria…they said it was going to rain and when they say something it must be true ;). I headed out of the house this morning in sandals and rather summery clothes…and wasn’t I aghast when I came out of yoga and stepped into the downpour that was happening outside. Sheesh. I’ve resisted saying it as I don’t want to conform and be too trendy (as I like to add my own flair to everything!), but I’m going to say it…this really IS JUNEUARY!!!! Double sheesh. The reality of the situation is this…It’s almost always beautiful here in May and everyone gets all excited and overjoyed that summer is here early and then June is almost always cold and rainy…well, this year is no different…good news is, it’s the 22nd of June, which means July is just around the corner…get my drift…so, take this rainy time to get stuff done that you won’t want to do once the sun is shining and all you want to do is frolick outside!!

OK…onto my post for today. It’s a quickie…I just wanted to put a shout out to Apple Cafe inside the (relatively) new Ingredients Health Food Store. Ingredients opened…oh…gosh, maybe half a year ago and I’ve been in there several times now. I mostly have just done a little shopping…they have a HUGE bulk section-including a whole gluten free bulk section as well as herbs, powders, teas, and all sorts of other things that you don’t even know you need…! You can use the little bags they have there for your bulk, or you can bring in your own jars or containers and weigh them empty then fill ’em up and pay for the contents…brilliant. Course, I’m yet to take advantage of this as I’m not that organized, but the idea of it is fabulous! They also have a pretty substantial vitamin and supplement section with a huge variety protein powders and green powders etc., to satisfy any dietary need. As well as all these lovely food selections, they do lectures, events and other fun things there…I’ve yet to attend anything there as I’m always out of town, but I love that they are creating a community down there on top of the great healthy food supply!

So, inside of the store there is also a little cafe-the Apple Cafe. They make pretty well everything there, and have a large selection of things to choose from…you can go for an Yerba Mate latte with fresh almond milk and a gluten free vegan power cookie or you can have a raw kale and kelp noodle salad with Almond dressing and a kombucha…or if you’re craving breakfast, how about an organic free run egg fritatta or a bowl of chia seed porridge? As I said, I had been to the store a few times, and one time got a cookie and tea to go, but today was the first time I sat down and had a real lunch there. I met Wendy there and we both ordered a raw salad…she had the raw falafel salad and I had the kelp noodle bowl salad. I loved mine. It had some kind of almond sauce…kind of asian peanut sauce kind of flair to it…Wendy enjoyed hers as well (I tasted it and it was way too salty for me…she commented that it WAS salty but she LOVES salty so it was good…but we both wondered if there was an error and it wasn’t meant to be that salty…I am still wondering).

The dessert case at Apple Cafe

I’m looking forward to going and eating there again. They do gluten free vegan pizza which looks good as well as raw pizza that I’d like to try…and they really do have eggs and other cooked things…so if you are with non-vegan eaters or what have you, I’m sure everyone could get something they like…

OK…well, that’s all I got for today. I am going to enjoy being in my sweats this afternoon, drinking my tea and listening to the rain fall.

Happy Friday, Kittens…hope the weekend is full of love, sweat and tears of joy.
Ida x

Some Things Take Time…

Hello Puppies…happy summer! YAY…seriously, I can’t say anything more than that…YAY…I’ve only been back in Victoria for a little over a week and already I was so over the weather!!! I am, as many of you I’m sure, SOOOOOO connected to the sun and the weather…especially when my brain tells me it’s summer and supposed to be sunny and warm and my body still feels cold from the actual weather. So, that being said, today is day TWO in a row of wearing less clothes and feeling warm!! whew 😉

I have been working on a post for the past few days but haven’t finished it or been ready to post it yet. It’s about weight, body image, size, fluctuation, acceptance…and my own journey over the years.

It’s a big one!!

Every day I think about my body and how I view my body and how I view myself in relation to my image…I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if men feel the same way as women do (and of course not all women are the same, but in my experience as a woman and talking with other women, there is a common thread amongst us…), but I am sure that men have some kind of attachment to how they look and what it says about them. Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and have to make the choice to love what I see…I always am aware not to make a judgement on myself based on comparison of how I used to look or what my body used to be like. That is the biggest thing, isn’t it? Not living in the past and holding onto the past as though THAT was any better (or worse) than THIS.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years (who am I kidding…ONE THING????!!!! ha!) it’s that every body is different and never compare one to another as being better or worse…so, that being said, just because I looked a certain way before does not mean that the way I look now is any better or any worse…get where I’m going here? I have learned so much about myself through the practice of yoga and through my experience with food and lifestyle. I have gone through the gamut of eating and drinking and doing whatever I like when I like as well as being so over the top controlled about everything I did from food to sleep to yoga to when and where I went….sheesh, sounds exhausting, doesn’t it??!

So, here the deal…every day is a choice. A choice for you for how you want to be and how you want to feel and how you want to live in this life and in this world. You have the choice. If you make a choice that you don’t like then you get to make a different choice…but as long as you know that you have the choice then anything and everything you do is good and perfect and exactly the right thing.


Lifestyle, seasons, relationships, stress, hormones, age…these things are all a factor in what is happening in your body-physically and physiologically. Sometimes things will happen in your body that are out of your control (just wait, if it’s not happened to you yet, til you get a bit older and your hormones take over!!), and sometimes it is a direct relationship to your lifestyle (extra glass of wine here and there or a handful of this or that everyday can add up!). Again, you have the choice, you make the choice and as long as you know that, then you are in control of your own destiny….

I have so much more to say about this…about my own experience and path over the past years…but it’s not getting posted just now. I’m still working on it…just figuring out exactly what I have to share with you ;). It’s important to me because it’s been a HUUUUUUGE lesson for me, so I want to make sure I am saying what I feel I want to say.

For now, it’s time to go sit in the sun and soak up my vitamin D for the day.

Love yourself…I love you.
Ida xx

Sun to Snow in 9 days flat

Good morning everyone! (I feel like it must at least be the late afternoon, alas it is still before noon here!). 

I just got home this morning from a fabulous trip to Edmonton (with a quickie trip through Red Deer and then Calgary). I had the opportunity to work at 2 studios in Edmonton (BYEdmonton and BYWest Edmonton) as well as took class at the newly opened BYEast Edmonton and had a visit at BY St. Albert. Whew!! 

I got to take several classes, teach several classes, work with competitors, give feedback to teachers, go for wonderful food, have great company, walk a bit, see some of the city, sit in the sun AND shiver in the snow…what a complete and well-rounded week! Honestly, I was surprised and impressed with Edmonton…the last time I was there (and really the only time I’ve been there-the only other time was when I was about 11 and there on an orchestra trip so all we did was play recitals and go to The Mall!), it was the SECOND COLDEST PLACE ON THE PLANET! (Siberia was the coldest!) So, needless to say, at minus -47 with the wind chill, I didn’t get up to much more than hiding out in the HOT yoga room!! But, this trip, the sun came out for the first half of the trip and I got to see more of the city…and see how it is quite the cute city in areas and can understand why people like it there! 

After the week of teaching and practicing, I was whisked off to Red Deer to judge the Second Annual Alberta Regional Hatha Yoga Championships. I judged this event last year as well. The competition was held at the same venue in downtown Red Deer and was hosted by BYRed Deer (but put on really by all of the studios in Alberta-what a great community event!). We had 30 competitors (Youth, Women and Men) and probably about 200 spectators. The even was well organized and attended and was a huge success as far as I’m concerned. One of my goals this year was to really promote the yoga competition within Canada and help to up the ante, as it were, with Canadian yogis all across the country. My friend, Brad (BYMetrotown) and I have been judging buddies this year and have judged 7 of the 9 competitions I have judged this season, and will be together again in 2 weeks for the FIRST Manitoba Regional (April 29th in Winnipeg). Whew!! That’s a lot of judging this year, but it’s all coming to fruition and our hope for Canada to have more yogis in the competitions is working! (Today is the Eastern Canada competition and May 19th is the Western Canada competition). 

So, after the competition, we headed down to Calgary and I flew home this morning from there. A fun filled week and now I am in my sweats and catching up on emails and blogging and…I will admit, watching a little tv ;). A travelling yogi’s gotta have some down time too!!


Me, Brad and some of the yogis from Red Deer at dinner post competition Saturday…”yogis eat too!”


Me, Pernille and Michael at BYEdmonton at the Sunday teachers meeting…me, of course, always with my hand on someone’s derriere! 


Pernnille, me, Nick and Marc at Noorish Restaurant in Edmonton-SUCH a great vegan and mostly raw restaurant with amazing food!


Not bad, not bad at all 😉

I have more to write about…but that is it for my Edmonton trip…home for a few days and then off into the wild yogi yonder again…

Hope to see you all soon, yogis.


Ida x

Raw Coconut-Salted Jungle Peanut-Chocolate Bars…OH MY!

Helllllloooo, Lovers!

Lastnight I had a hankering for something treat-like and had the desire to experiment in the kitchen. My kitchen handiwork has been a bit sparse and patchy lately as I’ve been either too busy (or too out of town!) to get in there, or just plain un-inspired. After spending a week with Besty and making some interesting desserts, I decided I would see what I could come up with with all the fun and delicious things I had kicking around in my pantry!

So, here is what I pulled out as my inspiration: (in order of appearance, left to right)

Organic vanilla powder, coconut butter, mesquite powder, coconut nectar, cacao powder, jungle peanuts, coconut oil and shredded coconut.


So, I had a rough idea in my head of what I was going to make…chocolate balls rolled in coconut and coconut balls with chocolate. Simple…

I started with the Artisana Coconut Butter (honestly, if you’ve never tried this, go get some…it’s like nothing else). I put some into a bowl and put the bowl over hot water (double boiler idea) to melt it into liquid consistency.

coconut butter in it's hot water melting tank

It starts like this:

hard at room temp

…and turns into this!!!

you'll want to bathe in this, trust me!

So, while that was melting, I was also melting the coconut oil (I use Nutiva, I like it, it’s organic and extra virgin, doesn’t go rancid and is a good price…I just got a huge container of it at Planet Organic on sale-I use it on my skin as well, so it’s worth it for me to buy the big one). I added melted coconut oil (used the same bowl over hot water method for the coconut oil) and agave syrup (I think I might have added some coconut nectar as well but I can’t remember-use whatever kind of sweetener YOU like) to the grated coconut and then added a bit of coconut butter to thicken it up a bit until I got the “stick-togetherness” that I was looking for. (Remember, it doesn’t have to be fully stuck together in a ball because it will harden up when you put it in the fridge…what gets warm and melts, must cool down and get hard…!!). THIS is what it looked like before I put it in the pan:

coconut mixture

From there, I crushed the jungle peanuts in a bag and then added some celtic sea salt, maple syrup and mesquite powder and mixed it all up. I wanted a caramely salty crunchy nutty layer…Mesquite has an almost caramel type flavour to it and the rest of the flavours just worked together so well.

coconut layer with jungle peanut layer...

So, as you see, I pressed the coconut into a corning wear pan lined with plastic wrap (it’s way easier to get out of the pan if you line it). Then I made the chocolate and poured it over the top. The chocolate was melted coconut OIL with cacao powder, agave and a little vanilla powder. I used the Vitamix to get it nice a smooth. I had to til the pan from side to side once I had the chocolate over it so I could get the chocolate over the whole thing!

ready for the fridge!

The final product is tasty! I don’t know if I would do the jungle peanut layer the same next time…next time I might try pecans or brazils…both of those nuts are a bit heavier and might give a better flavour…alternatively, my peanuts could have been not the freshest and maybe I’d experiment with the ingredients a bit more….skip the mesquite, add salt and cayenne!! OK, so here is a pic of what it looked like…half eaten…


You’re on your own for measurements…you know me well enough by now…just add slowly slowly and eventually you’ll get it right! If you are organized, write down the measurements as you go so if you come up with a real winner, you’ll be able to recreate it another time!!

This dessert is indeed a dessert, but it’s got no refined sugars or fats. As far as sweet chocolatey coconutty things, this one definitely wins hands down!

Enjoy, my ittle Coconut Clusters, you deserve to eat delicious things


Ida xx

ps…tomorrow I think I’ll tell you about my new love affair with chia….stay tuned!



Good Full Moon Sunday evening to you, my lovelies…

I’ve been meaning to make kale chips for the past few weeks and today I finally got to it! I watched a video someone posted on FB this morning about organic vs non organic and was reminded about the silent killers and invisible poisons that are sprayed onto (and subsequently INto) conventionally grown produce. (here’s a link to the video here).

So, I stopped by Lifestyles Market for some kale on my way home this afternoon and found the most beautiful kale I’ve ever seen…I know, I know, it sounds a bit over the top, but honestly this kale was amazing!!! Tasty too.

Beautiful Bountiful Organic Kale

Isn’t that gorgeous??

Ok, so here is how I did my kale chips today…they are still in the dehydrator so I can’t tell you how they turned out (yet), but before they went in I was tempted to just eat it all un dehydrated…I made 2 flavours, I’ve got the step by step as well as the ingredients:

Kale Chips 2 Ways:

*de-stem and wash and dry your kale very well (I use a salad spinner for this).. Tear it into chip sized pieces and put into a large bowl (I had to wash it in several batches because of the bounty of the head of kale!).

*massage the kale a little to start it breaking down

Spicy Kale Chips:

*2 tbs olive oil (massage the kale first with the oil)

*juice of 1/2 a lemon

*2 tbs apple cider vinegar

*celtic sea salt (sparingly to taste, flavours magnify in the dehydrator, especially salt!!)

*cayenne pepper and chili powder-use liberally, but to taste 😉

massage it all together until all the kale is well coated.

Tahini Kale Chips (perhaps you know about my love affair with tahini dressing…seemed a good place for it!)

*6 or so Tbs tahini dressing (see recipe on my blog here)

massage until well coated.

Spread raw kale on dehydrator trays, not too full, but you don’t have to be a ninny about it either. I had two MASSIVE bunches of kale and it made 4 trays total (I did, I admit, snack on the kale along the way…for taste control you understand).

Dehydrate on 105 degrees for…well, recipes say about 4 hours, but you’ll just have to experiment to see how long your dehydrator takes…good luck if you get them fully dehydrated before you’ve eaten the lot. Good luck, I say.

Washed and ready

Spicy pre dehydration

Tahini pre dehydration

Kale Chips a Plenty!

OK, good luck, let me know if you make some good ones!



current obsession –> tahini dressing

I’ve posted a couple on yoga, I thought I’d throw a foodie post out there as well!

My current favourite obsession is tahini dressing…but not any old tahini dressing, my home made tahini dressing!

Here you go, and be warned, I do not have measurements (but, you might be getting used to this from me already!)

Raw Tahini (about 1/3 of a jar…ish…?) (I like the Maranatha brand)

Fresh lemon juice (1-2 lemons depending on how lemony you like it and/or how much other ingredients you are using)

Honey (again, depends on how much you are making)

Water (might be equal to the other ingredients total, depending on the desired consistency)

Salt and pepper as needed. (and any other seasonings you like…garlic, cayenne, etc)

*blend it all together

*start slowly with your ingredients and taste as you go. Once you make this a few times you can throw caution to the wind and dump it all in the blender without much thought and it will be perfect, but it may take a bit of time to get the ratios to your liking 😉

This dressing will keep for quite a while in the fridge. I like to put it on my salad…as well as pretty well anything else I eat (steamed veggies, quinoa, etc).



Yesterday I was at the Root Cellar and saw this ah-mazing kale…locally grown…3 for $5 bucks. My brain immediately went to kale chips, of course!! Lots and lots of kale chips.

Now, if you’ve not tried Kale chips yet, imagine a tasty little crispy bite that almost melts in your mouth, is as addictive as a bag of potato chips but is waaaaaay better for you…are you imagining?…good, now I have your attention!

Kale chips are ridiculously easy to make and yet I still find myself buying them (and, like most things, I inevitably prefer the one I make to the (over-priced) ones I buy…ain’t that always the way. So, here I was with all this Kale so I was forced into making them this morning. Here’s what they consisted of today:

Kale Chips 3 Ways…

Kale Chip #1~

olive oil, lime juice, celtic sea salt, chili powder

Kale Chip #2~

olive oil, apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt, cayenne pepper

Kale Chip #3~ (this one was a bit of an after thought, so it was made with a base of the other 2 flavours already and had the pesto added)

pesto (see blog post from a couple days ago with pesto “recipe”)

For All Three Varieties~

tear kale off of stems and tear into medium sized leaf chunks. Wash WELL and spin dry. Put in a large bowl, drizzle olive oil over and massage a moment, then add the remaining ingredients (as previously mentioned, I don’t really ever measure anything, so start slow with the seasonings and add to your taste…however, GO SLOWLY with the seasonings because THE FLAVOUR GETS MAGNIFIED IN THE DEHYDRATOR! I tell you this because the first batch I ever made was sooooo salty I couldn’t eat them…and that’s saying a-lot because I loooove kale!).

Place them in the dehydrator-I usually try to have the on every 2nd tray (in the Excalubur) because the are so fluffy (is that a word I can use to describe kale?) before dehydrating. Dehydrate on 105 degrees for a few hours…they are good all along the dehydration process, but to totally dry they are about 4 ish hours…good luck if they all make it to that stage!

They don't fill the sheets as well when they're dried!

If you see me over the next few days, please tell me if there’s kale in my teeth…I have a feeling there might be…