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Companies, like humans, need feedback to grow

Good evening, Puppies. It’s Tuesday and I’ve been putzing around today getting “stuff” done. This is a busy week for me, I’m teaching up island this weekend at BYCampbell River and then drive home Sunday late afternoon (by the way, I heard today it’s supposed to SNOW on Sunday…? uhg) and then I fly out to visit Besty on Monday afternoon. So, needless to say, I have lots to do this week so I’m not scrambling on Monday morning.


Aaaaanyhow. I wanted to post about my love affair with Sonicare. I have had a Sonicare toothbrush since Christmas of 2004. My mom had one and couldn’t stop going on about how wonderful it was so bought one for me for Christmas. I immediately fell in love. If you’ve spent any length of time with me you’ll know how ocd I am about oral hygiene. Those of you who have a Sonicare will understand this love at first brush! After a consistant time of brushing with a Sonicare (can you actually *just* call it “brushing”, I wonder?), a manual toothbrush might as well be as good as using my finger. Yes, it’s that good.


So, My first one I fried in Hong Kong with the wattage or voltage or something. My second one I did something to in Barcelona-maybe a voltage thing but I was so careful. The third one was totally my fault…I wasn’t careful when travelling and knocked the little attachment spikey thing loose so the connection was lost. This last one I had just conked out. No fault of mine (at least not that I know of), it just suddenly started having problems turning on (and off), and then one day just wouldn’t turn on at all…(as a side note, it did actually turn on just the other day…at 4am…while it was in the bathroom…by itself…weird). So, because I didn’t have this one for very long (just since May of this year), I decided that I was going to take action and get a new one.


I need to tell you a side story first. I was in Vancouver last week and visited with my dad and step mom over there. The conversation turned at one point to how my dad used to always return things to the dealer and/or contact the company to get replacement of things….many things…and it always turned out great. I think he paid one time for sneakers and got about 6 pair over the years! So, I think I was reminded by this that this kind of thing is IN MY BLOOD!!


Back to my Sonicare. I contacted Phillips (the company that makes Sonicare) and, to make a long story less long, they sent me a new handle FOR FREE and I simply popped the old not working one into the box and sent it back to them…postage paid. Voila, new toothbrush.


I wanted to tell you this story because I think so many people have things break on them (or are moldy or old or cracked when they buy them) but don’t ever do anything about it. What I noticed when I got my new toothbrush is that the design is ever so slightly changed…so, the fact that they were so easy to accept that mine was broken, leads me to believe that I am not the only one who has had this problem and they rectified the problem. SO, you see, speak up! Companies, like humans, need feedback to grow. 😉