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The Only Relationship that Works is the One You’re in When You Die…

Good evening, Puppies!

That’s what a mentor of mine used to say. “The only relationship that ever works is the one you’re in when you die”…makes sense, right? I mean, the relationship you’re in now might be working but who know for how long or until when…so, how do you know that it’s actually going to work forever…

I know it sounds a bit morbid and negative but it’s not meant that way. It came into my head today when I saw on the Today show a couple who were celebrating their SEVENTY FIFTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! Really? 75 years?? Wowee zowee. Seeing as I’ve only been on this planet for *almost* 38 years, the idea of being MARRIED for 75 years is amazing to me.

What does it take in a relationship to keep people together so long? Bikram talks about Indian Marriage…NO CHOICE. Many people believe that way of thinking…but there are so many people in the world now who get married after knowing eachother for such a short time, or get married so early and then end up growing apart as they grow up and end the marriage. How do you ever know that the person you are with is the “right” one for you. Take a chance, I guess.

I am a closet “Say Yes To The Dress” watcher. I find it fascinating that people spend so much money on a dress and am enchanted at the dreams of the women on the show. I was never the little girl who dreamed about her wedding and has always had everything planned out from the style of the dress to the colour of the flowers to the day of the year (believe me, there are MANY women out there who know all of these things from a very young age). I guess I always just understood that I would get married but never really thought about it in terms of concrete plans.

Life is about taking risks and chances and just going for IT. How do you ever know if you never try? I was just thinking about it today.