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Happy New Year 2014!

Good morning, my loves. Happy New Year!! Gosh I LOVE the New Year! Not because I love to go out and party it up on NYE but because I love a good excuse to start fresh. To close doors that don’t lead us where we are headed, and to open doors and windows and vents and nooks and crannies and unleash whatever is possible for the new year! Love it.

This time of year is special for me as it is also my birthday month, so for me the clean slate of the new year and my birthday always feels so energizing and exciting. 

2013 was the year of Love (and Locust) (if you don’t remember). I set out in 2013 to feel love and experience love around me for the year. I set out to have fun and enjoy myself….I think originally the idea was to “find love” in 2013. You know, meet someone and fall in love. What happened over the year was true love, but not in the way I thought it would appear. I did not end up falling in love in the sense that I originally thought….but I did find love all over the place!! I learned that love is in my experience. Taking the time to appreciate the things around me and to honour myself enough to love everything I do, eat, drink etc., was the perfect ingredient. 

In 2013 I got Felix. There is nothing like the love you share with a pet.


I travelled AND nested in 2013. I revelled in the comfort of my own home to make as I wish, and I got to travel to more places I had never been before.

I let go of some BIG beliefs about myself and food and my body and started eating EVERYTHING! (Because how will you know if you never try??!) and it turns out that cheese and bread is pretty well my favourite food and I still hate frozen fish sticks. (Below is me in Paris trying escargot…sometimes you try something and it’s awesome, sometimes not.)



Professionally, I focussed on my teaching in a way I never have before. I started practicing yoga more and more on my own, in my room, in a more “free-style” manor. I started really delving into the mechanics of my own body so as to understand the human body and the yoga practice that I teach on a deeper level. Being in one spot is so awesome because I have gotten to know the students who I teach on a regular basis so much better. Taking the time to study my own practice in a deeper more specific way, partnered with teaching the same yogis in the yoga room every day has given me a comfort level with my teaching that I am so much enjoying! I have been studying the human body (mine in particular but so many hundreds of other bodies over the past decade too!) for TEN years through teaching yoga, and this year I decided to give myself the credit that while I haven’t studied anything scientific in school, experience has been my biggest teacher and I know what I am talking about in the yoga room…AND I’m still learning so much more.

This year also saw the surrection of yoga retreats/vacations! I love love love the ocean and the beach and the sun (and who am I kidding, my bikini!) and it has been a dream for Bestest and I to take yogis to beautiful wonderful gorgeous places on the planet and do yoga for many years…and we finally did it!! (Stay tuned for details on the next one…May 31st-June 6, 2014.)


So, for 2014, here are a few goals I have put on my radar. I know from my experience that the best things in life take time, so I have added these goals for the year and we’ll see how it goes…

Learn to speak Spanish.

Do a handstand in the middle of the room.

Study reflexology.

I shall keep you posted on my progress….and don’t worry, I have not forgotten about the post on Dhanurasana that I promised…and I’m working on a birthday post for later this month…I have to tell you about how I used to hate my armpits! Sounds like 2014 is going to be a goooooood one!

So, again, Happy New Year, my loves, I can’t imagine a world without you..it would be very lonely.

Here’s to 2014, the year of EVOLUTION and LONGEVITY!!

I love you with all of my heart, 


Ida x

Anything is possible. Never say never. 




Anything is Possible. Never Say Never.

Hello everyone!! Happy Christmas morning!!

I am sitting here in my bed, drinking my tea, and thinking about this year in review. Thinking about who I was at the beginning and who I am now. Thinking about the things that I done and learned and experienced and all the places I went and people I met and spent time with. What a year!!

I started 2013 with the goal of creating LOVE in my life. I did not really know what that meant, or what I was embarking on. I am finishing 2013 full of LOVE and ZEST for my life, and with a new slogan to live by. It’s been quite the year.

For the past several years, I have been bouncing from place to place, exploring the world, talking yoga and anything else to anyone who cares to listen. I fully believe that ANYTHING is possible, and I include it in my teaching…make a goal, see the goal, create the goal…add a lot of hard work, some sweat and maybe a few tears, and voila, you have reached your goals…or they moved and shifted and you reached whatever you were meant to reach! The other day, however, I realized that I have two categories for “ANYTHING”. I have my, “current & future” anything, and I have my, “already know I don’t” anything.

What???? Hold the phone!! It was quite a revelation. I exist in the realm of possibility that anything AND everything is possible for me, for you, for whoever…but I also have this realm that seems to be the proverbial “box of old crap under the bed” that I have decided I do not want anymore, but can’t seem to get rid of…know what I mean? A list of things that I have decided “nope, never”. In this box under the bed is all sorts of things like old beliefs about myself (“not athletic, can’t eat like “normal” people, don’t have enough money, not co-ordinated, too weird, don’t fit in…blah blah blah”). These are the things that I have let go of, but like to acknowledge from time to time so I know where I have come from. However, there are also the things under there that I have tried and decided that I don’t want/like (snow sports, eating certain foods, going to the post office…this list seems simple and not profound, but in the realm of “anything is possible”, these things just don’t exist…why have disdain for mailing a package or dismiss snow sports simply because one time I didn’t like the experience? We are different through our lives…We EVOLVE, we grow, we change, so the things of the past are simply that, the past. We change physically deep down every single day, on a cellular level, so why would we ever hold ourselves back from this same change and evolution mentally? Just because one time there was something that happened that we reacted to in the body or mind in the past, does not mean that we must still hold that same experience today. It feels like a pretty big realization…realizing that I only half believe my own personal life motto. I have the feeling 2014 is going to be a pretty fun year…

So…what I have noticed in this revelation is that I now have TWO lines to live by:

“anything is possible” & “never say never”.

Through “anything is possible” I have been able to show myself that I can create what I imagine. If I can create a picture of it, then the visualization and manifestation is easy! Moving into “never say never” has suddenly opened up a whole new can of possibility because not only do I have all the things to do that I have NOT done yet, but now I have all the things in the box under my bed that I might have to re-visit!! All the things I have decided I don’t like are now back on the table! Ha, ain’t life grande??!!

Happy Christmas, my loves. This has been an amazing year for me in so many ways. Take a few minutes for yourself today and think about your year, what you brought into it and what you are taking away. Maybe think about what your goals are for 2014. We are such powerful beings, we are perfect and amazing and awesome…I hope you feel it ;).

2013 has been the year of LOVE. I hope your holiday is filled with LOVE and JOY for as many miles as you can see.

Ida xox

in this day and age, do women still really have to CHOOSE? I choose happiness.

Good morning, Yogis!! I have so many things on my mind these days, I actually have several blog posts half written because every time I want to write something I start the post but feel like I still have more to say!! Alas, eventually they will all get written…truth is, I think half of the stuff I write is for my own pure learning and growth! I find writing very theraputic, and often blogging and or/emailing a select few people is more like journalling for me than the actual outcome of sharing it….although, as I go though my life, I see more and more how sharing is as powerful to other people as the writing is to me. So, there you go.

I got up this morning and checked my mail and messages as I do most mornings. I came across a blog post of a young woman I know in Australia. I don’t know Ash very well, I originally met her a few years ago and have been friends on FB…so, as it goes, we comment on eachother’s photos, posts etc. Ash has an uber flexi spine and just graduated from chiropractic school…so, it’s fun to see what she’s up to. This morning, Ash had posted a link to her latest blog post, so I clicked over to see what she is up to these days. The blog post is titled “Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women”. Well, as I am a thirty something woman and was once a twenty something girl, it piqued my interest…

As you can see, it inspired me to write my own post about the subject. Let me say this, and I say it with the knowledge that I am only 39, so there are all sorts of women who are older than I am who probably think the same thing I am about to write to the younger women of the world right now, but I will say it anyways because if my life continues to get better and better as I get older (as it has been until now) then I will gladly listen to the women who are my senior because I understand that aging is about knowledge and growth and moving forward. Aging is not about growing old and withering up until your time here is done.

(I will get back to Ash’s blog in a minute, stay with me…)

I often look around at people (people who live right here and I know, as well as people like movie stars and musicians-people who are in the lime light and have their lives spread all over the media), and I find it interesting to see which people live life to it’s fullest for themselves and then as they age, they do other things, more things, new things…and some stay rooted in the old things they did, but maybe not doing said things as well as they once did and yet still trying to hold on to how they once were. Isn’t life about growth and new exploration? If we are constantly holding on to the things we did in the years gone by, then we are constantly living in the past, in the what once was, not living in the possibility of what else is to come!! I will admit I have tried to hold on to things that felt good in the past but don’t feel as good now in the hopes that by holding on tight and forcing things to be a certain way, said things would make me happy again. Not the case. It is only in my embracing the experiences of the past that I feel so much more empowered and inspired to do other more awesome things moving forward!! By aknowledging my accomplishments and having them be a part of what has built up who I am TODAY, I can feel strong and confident to create even more amazing things than I have already done! By holding on to the past and the things that I accomplished back then only seems to lead me down a dark path of disappointment. Living in the past puts a set of expectations on me, which only leads to feeling inadequate or not good enough, not as I once was. pffff, who would want to feel like that??!!

I will use my yoga practice as an example (of course). I worked very very hard at my yoga practice. I trained and yoga-ed for hours every day. I ate specific things at specific times and everything in my life was about my yoga practice (or so I thought). I accomplished high ranking in the competitive yoga world and taught myself sooooo much about who I am and how I operate and how I want to be in this world. I am ever great-ful for my time spent in that mind frame and arena…and now I am ever great-ful for NOT being in that place anymore!! I have spent many moments wishing I could perform the yoga postures as I once did, wishing my body was a lean and flexible as it once was, thinking I should start practicing like I did before, prove it’s never too late, blah blah blah. Fortunately, the work I have been doing on my spiritual self has brought me to a different place. I no longer look at my past as something that I will never accomplish again, I hold that part of my life as a massive learning time! I cherish what I learned from that experience and am so happy to be moving forward with other things, with new things, with more amazing things in my life!! Life is not about moving backwards, life is about moving forwards!! Good one, huh?

So, let me now get back to the blog post that started this whole thing this am…

In Ash’s blog she says, 

In modern day times, women are now procrastinating in seeking marital status. The priorities have changed. The modern day woman is more career driven and is prepared to put on hold love, marriage and kids in order to achieve financial stability, security and status all on their own!

The fall back? Well, that is plainly obvious; by the time these women are ready, the men and partnership they seek may no longer be available. They have missed the train!! Men want young nubile women. Not women in their 30s as their counterparts. This is rather discerning for the generation of women who are in the third or fourth decade of their lives who find themselves still single. This is not a joke, and not one to be apologizing for. It simply and sadly is a fact.

uh…..really? We’ve “missed the train”? There is absolutely no part of me, as a 39 year old woman, that feels that I have “missed the train” when it comes to men and relationships. This is one of the things I was talking about when I said that I will happily listen to women who are older than I am because I have learned so much about myself in this world in the past few years that I finally understand why all women say the same thing….”wait til you’re 40″. Seriously, the past few years I have said countless number of times that I am excited for 40 because if it is any better than it already has been at 37, 38, 39, then the doors are about to be blown off with magnificence and amazingness!! 

The original post is about men and dating and how it changes in your 20’s and then into your 30’s. She talks about the men who are interested in the women, how as younger women we seek older men for stability and the older men like the younger women because of their…well, youth…and then as women get older (their 30’s), the men are either all taken or scared of the confident woman who has “chosen her career over romance” (my words not hers) and then we (the women) are left with the young men who see us as a sugar mama, or else we are left alone… (this is not exactly what Ash is saying, but it was the catalyst for me and my thoughts). 

So here’s the thing…dating can be weird at any age. I have the good fortune to have some really awesome kids in my life. I am currently witnessing the growth and development of puberty and intimacy and seeing how confidence can be found and lost in other people…from such a young age…in the arena of romantic relationships. It’s fun and interesting to re-live some memories of myself in my teenage years as I watch “my” kids grow and develop. I have never really been a “dater”. I have been on several dates, but for the most part my relationships have always jumped to relationships pretty quickly and I have never really been a casual dater. So, as my lifestyle has changed over the years, I have spent most of the past few years on the road, travelling and not spending much time in one place. Because I have chosen this,  my dating and relationship life has been more challenging interesting than it has been before. Do I feel like my time has passed? Nope. Do I feel that the pool of men is too small now? Nope. Do I feel like I chose my career over having a family? Nope. DO WOMEN REALLY STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HAVING A CAREER AND HAVING A FAMILY??!! Seriously?

Your life is at your fingertips. Your life is what you make it. Your life, your love, your relationships, your money, your confidence, your intimacy, your family, your friends, your outlook, your career…your everything is how you make it. The world is like an energy fountain, energy flows freely and is infinite! It is what you do with this energy that determines your happiness and how you see yourself as happy and successful. So, if having a career is important to you then go out and do it and when/if a family and relationship become important to you then go out and do that too. Be open to anything and everything. If love is what you seek then love yourself. If health and well being is what you seek then send out health and well being into the Universe. If peace is what you seek, then create peace around you and set your intention to share peace with everyone around you. 

Get it?I love my life. I am confident in myself as a 39 year old woman. I am single. For now…and I never, ever, feel that I have missed ANY train…and if I did, guess what, there is always another one on the way. Remember the Law of Attraction, give out what you want to get. Louise Hay puts it simply and beautifully here, “The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about,” she says. “It’s as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us.

It’s that simple…living in fear of what you don’t have will only keep you focused and rooted in lack…in this world, we are all abundant-whether it’s in love, career, money, family etc. 

Thank you Universe for this abundance. 

Now, go out and be awesome!!!




the L.O.V.E. post…

Love what you do and do what you love.
Love what you see and see what you love.
Be with who you love and love who you are with.
Go where you love and love where you go.
Be where you love and love where you are.
Hear what you love and love what you hear.
Smell what you love and love what you smell.
Say what you love and love what you say.
Wear what you love and loe what you wear.
Eat what you love and love what you eat.

Surround yourself with love…

…are you getting what I’m laying down?

I love you.

2013 is all for love and love for all. Yeah, sounds good.

Ruminations on the past and the future…

Hello everyone! It is the end of the year. Again. Can you believe it? I know for me that this has been a big year…but I think I say that every year!! I often look back as well as forward in January because it is my birthday. I usually feel more connected to a new year with the change of my age than the change of the calendar. However, as they occur so closely (my birthday and the New Year), that they are intrinsically linked!!

Each year I feel that I am building my SELF. I like to look back at what I accomplished in the year and then think about the things that I am ready to take on…or how I would like my life to look in the coming year. The past little while I have been feeling some fear about moving forward. Yup, fear. I have been on the go for so many years now that the thought of staying put for a while is a bit…well…full of anxiety!

As many of you who know me know, I love being on the go but am a total home body. Talk about dichotomy, huh? I love travel and I love seeing the world and meeting amazing people and experiencing different cultures and customs and learning about how people live in different countries. This planet is so big and amazing, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see it! On the other hand, though, I love to be home. I love cooking and being in my space. I love having all my stuff in one place and knowing where everything is. I love not living out of a suitcase, being independent, doing things on my own time and creating my own schedule. I have such love for both parts of my life that it is difficult to see myself doing either on a permanent basis.

So, here is the deal…I just haven’t found the place I want to be yet. I have lived in many cities in many countries. I have visited and sight seen (is that a thing, “sight seen”?) all sorts of amazing places and things and I have met amazing people and communities all around the world. So, here is the question: am I looking too specifically or am I looking in the wrong way or have I just not found THE place yet. (I have to tell you that I have watched that show on TLC “Say Yes to the Dress” and have seen countless number of women try on wedding dress after wedding dress waiting to have “that feeling” and I wonder if I am waiting to have “that feeling” for a place in order for me to want to live there…and FYI, some of those women get the feeling and some don’t, but eventually everyone makes a choice one way or another.)

A while ago I was visiting with a woman I went to yoga teacher training with almost 10 years ago. We didn’t know eachother in TT, never spoke, but had the opportunity to spend a bit of time together recently. We were talking about relationships, romantic ones specifically. I was single at the time and she was asking me what my ideal man was like. I started listing off a bunch of things I thought were what I want…and she said to me that what if, rather than being set on the qualities of him or personality of him, what if I focussed on how I want to feel in the relationship. HUH. I see. How I want to FEEL in the relationship. Yeah, good one. So, since then I have been living my life, making choices based on how I want to feel rather than the physical qualities of something (a romantic partner, a place to live, a job, whatever). But, I will be honest, I have let it slip a bit as of late and haven’t been as focussed on how I want to feel in my life but getting caught up in some kind of idea I have about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Egads, the dreaded “SHOULD”!!!

So, in looking back at the year behind and forward to the year ahead, I am remembering the purpose of why we are here. I am remembering my own purpose and re-committing myself to awareness and connecting to it.

Here is my New Year 2013 wish for you, my sweet puppies. Find love around you…not just romantic love, but friends and family too. Give love and receive love. Breath through fear and remember that we have the ultimate choice about everything in our lives. We are all a reflection of eachother and we are One in this existence. Love. Give it and receive it. It’s that simple.

I love you, everyone. May you have a blessed 2013, it is a year of change. Take time over the next 24-ish hours and remember what you are greatful for and release anything that is not serving you in your life. This is the year for creating the life you wish to lead…imagine it, make it BIG…and then go out there and create it!!

Happy New Year, be safe out there.
Love and unicorn kisses,
Ida xx

ps-if you think you live in an amazing city, let me know…and tell me why it’s so awesome!! thx xx

Acceptable Behaviour….?

Hi hi hi!! Gosh, have I been slacking or what…? Nope, just busy, here and there, in the yoga room, out of the yoga room, in the sun, out of the sun…you get the drift.

This morning I was driving down to Cook St village to meet a friend for a walk along Dallas Rd (which, as an aside, is streaming with people walking their dogs…so, if anyone needs a dog walked, I noticed there are many handsome men along this route, I would be willing to take your dog for a walk…I think you are again getting my drift 😉 ) and have a tea before I had to head to to the yoga studio for advanced class. So, on my drive down, I noticed a woman walking down the street…well, she wasn’t walking, she was kind of waving her arms and doing what I deemed to be dancing. My first initial thought was “huh, inappropriate?”…and then I very quickly caught myself and thought “self expression”…which then got me to thinking…what is self expression and is revered for being care free and self expressed no matter where we are, and what is deemed inappropriate in the eyes of society? Where is the line drawn?

I started to think about things we call “inappropriate”…things like wearing something, ahem, ill-fitting or perhaps unflattering…not vulgar, just maybe not flattering. Then I imagined a person using a great deal of profane language in public, a mixed group of people all in ear shot. Or, how about a child who is picking his nose in public or a person dancing (as this woman was) to the beat of her own drum…

What is the factor of “inappropriate” in society and who decided this? Through conversation and discussion, we came to the conclusion of two things:
1) Do no harm. Meaning, if someone wants to wear very short shorts which may or may not be flattering on me and perhaps they show off a little cellulite or something then really what’s the harm? It’s not affecting anyone negatively. If she was to wear something which was clearly showing her “private parts” as in something very see through or low/high cut, then by the confines of the society we live in, this is inappropriate because this could cause “harm” to the people around (some people may be “wounded” not just offended by this…traumatized even?). If someone is yelling profanity, this can be harming to the people around, perhaps children in ear shot…perhaps it’s not physically damaging, but certainly can be emotionally damaging to some people.
2) We as a society have deemed what is appropriate in public by what we can and cannot handle. Example…in India there are many people who live in slums right along side of the road. These people live in a small area of ground and do everything they need to do in this one small space. They eat, they sleep, they cook, they poop…you see where I’m headed with this…? To them, and greatly in that society, that is acceptable behaviour. If someone dropped trow here in downtown Victoria and decided to relieve himself right there and then, he would be scorned and ostracized and probably arrested (I’m pretty sure that is illegal). This kind of behaviour is inappropriate in our society because we have built our communities to behave a certain way and nudity or other such similar things are seen as wrong here…that makes me think of all the other places in the world where the human body is celebrated and flaunted, not hidden like it is so often here in North America…but that is for another day 😉

So…what’s the point…? Not sure…just that I value people and their individuality, and while not wanting to squash anyone’s self expression, I also have been raised in a society where we have made up all sorts of rules of being based on what we can handle and what we think is a societal right or wrong. I, for one, encourage everyone to dance a little in the streets, laugh out-loud in the movies and sing to the musak we hear at the elevator…why not? If for nothing else, it will keep you, and the people who stare at you on the street, entertained!

OK, my loves, time to get out into the sunshine and soak up my vitamin D for the day.
Ciao puppies. Remember to never let yourself be squashed by someone else’s idea of what is right and wrong…these ideas are just ideas make up by someone who thought they were the boss…

What if we all loved and wanted the best for eachother…?

Good sunny afternoon my lovelies!! I was just sitting outside in the sun (thank goodness!!) and was thinking about the class I taught this morning. I said something in class (that I’ve often said in class) that our body’s job 100% of the time is to heal and make us well and strong. Then I started thinking about what it would be like in this world and in this life if everyone was there to support and love eachother all the time…..seriously…if we all just loved eachother unconditionally and realised that we all have different points of view and different experiences that led us to where we are now and that even though we might not all have the same ways of being, we are all ONE and we are all here to LOVE EACHOTHER.

Can you imagine it?

Imagine if we all were HONEST with eachother about things…not because we want to hurt or disable others, but if our intention was to do no harm and to serve eachother, wouldn’t honesty be awesome? Then we could eliminate FEAR and live in TRUST…trust that we are safe to express ourselves and trust that we can love freely and completely.

Oh what a world it would be.

On that note…I am dragging myself away from my hot and sunny back deck and heading to take yoga class.

…one love

Sunshine is the best Vitamin D