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Movies, Youtube, Steve Jobs, nerds…lots to cover!


I have been enjoying some down time the past couple days…some alone time, sunshine time, body of water time…not that I don’t love to be with my favourite people, but sometimes it’s nice to be alone, isn’t it? Time for whatever you like…meditation, contemplation, breathing, cooking, walking, reading, tv…anything you like to do and not have anyone talking to you…or whatever…you get what I mean.

sunday by the river

nothing better than the givers of life…

So, yesterday I stumbled upon a link to a Steve Jobs presentation…maybe THE Steve Jobs presentation of all time…on FB and got enthralled with it and then found the second part on Youtube to finish watching. It is the presentation he did when unveiling the iPhone…for the first time…in 2007. Watching the presentation I was overcome with how amazing of an innovation it was (and still is, of course). He was such a great speaker and was genuinely excited to present it! It was very cool…and, in fact, I learned a few things about my iPhone 4S!! I only became an iPhone user about 8 months ago so in many ways I am still such a novice!! ha.

After watching it, I was so inspired by nerds…a cute crush on all the CEO’s of various companies that he brought up on stage to talk…long live the nerd!! I set off for some sunshine and ended up down by the Truckee River in a patch of pebbles and decided to listen to my audio book of the Steve Jobs book (the biography)…so, lets just say I got so inspired by the innovation and imagination of people in the world (namely Steve Jobs…and to an extent Steve Wozniak as well!)…made me remember my goal to at some point invent something really cool!! I’ll keep you posted 😉

Then lastnight I watched a movie called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”….wow, what a movie! I am already a kale juice lover so maybe it was easier for me to understand the use of green juice to heal a junk body-but on that same account, I have never had a junk body to the extent that the two characters from the movie had…seriously overweight, riddled with disease and breakdown of the body inside and out and taking a slew of prescription medications. I won’t get too deep into telling you about the movie, I highly recommend it for you to watch for yourself…but I will tell you that I was so taken and inspired by the willingness to take control of one’s life, no matter how bad it seems or how hopeless one feels…Bikram always says it, “..never too old, never to sick…to start from scratch and begin again”. It’s so true and the two guys from this movie are a testament to that!!

Truth of the matter is I get to meet so many inspiring people every single day!! I cannot tell you how many people I have watched completely change their lives with the help of (but not restricted to) adding yoga to their daily routine. Just this morning I was talking with a student about the age difference people go through when they commit themselves to a regular Bikram practice…I would hazard a guess as to say that 75% of people I know look ten years younger from the first day they walked into a Bikram class to today. Don’t fret, yogis, if you don’t think you look different or if you have been stepping on the scale and don’t see the difference you were hoping to see…the changes occur for people as they need to…perhaps your clothes fit better or you have more energy or you don’t wake up with puffy eyes or you can breathe or don’t get headaches anymore…or maybe you find an old photo and compare it to a recent shot and see the brightness in your eyes now…I guarantee things are changing…just be patient and learn to love yourself from this moment on and forever…and you will see and feel the differences.

So, here is a link to the webpage for Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I highly highly recommend it.

And, here is a link to Youtube for the first video of the two parts of Steve Jobs 2007 presentation unveiling the iPhone for the first time! I am really enjoying the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson as well…I’m listening to it on audiobooks on my iPhone.

OK…that’s my geeking out for now. I have a crush on the nerds now…not any nerd in particular but for the nerd population…never under estimate the power and genius of ANYONE you come across in your life…you just never know which eccentric smart slightly socially awkward or over the top person is going to be one of the biggest influences in your lifetime…!!

Happy exploring, puppies.
Ida x