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yoga post…Front Row…go or no-go?

Hello good sunny morning my loves!!! It’s Wednesday morning, July 31st 2013 (seriously where is 2013 going??!!???!?! wowza) and I have been thinking about this for a while…my next challenge is writing. I have written about challenges many times before…from doing a 30 day yoga challenge (30 classes/30 days) to ways of creating challenges outside of the yoga room, such as green juice every day, more water every day, seated meditation every day…you get the idea. So, this challenge, starting August 1st, is to write every day. So get ready, read what you like, I will try to keep the uninspired ones short 😉

BUT, the reason for today’s post is THIS….the FRONT ROW in yoga class (but really, isn’t that just a metaphor for Life…). Do you like to go there? Do you like to practice in the front row when you take class (as Bikram yogis, we know the front row to be the mirror, but being in the front row of ANY class has some stigma, no? Think about math class, or aerobics class or dance class or cooking class or whatever class…people often think only the “good ones” can go at the front of the class). If you practice at a studio where there is a mirror, the mirror is likely the front row, and the closer to the mirror you are, the better you can see your reflection. Simple. However, being in the front row also means that there are all sorts of people behind you who will inevitably be…dun dun duuuuu…looking at you!! Ha! Or so you think. Chances are everyone behind you is working just as hard to stay focussed on themselves, on their own practice. Of course, sometimes there are people in the room who are learning from watching…watching you in the front row…or a few people who just want to watch the beauty of the yoga postures. That’s when you are simply sharing your practice as a means to inspire the others around you.

Last week I got asked a couple times about the Front Row so I decided I would tell you MY opinion. 😉

I think everyone should practice in the front row at least once in a while. I don’t believe for one second that the front row is reserved for the “good ones” or the teachers or what have you. I believe the Front Row is reserved for people who want to focus on themselves, for people who want to work hard and concentrate and be able to see their body!! The front row is there for people to go in it!! USE THE MIRROR! That’s why we have them, that’s why they are such a big part of this practice.

Ok, that being said, the front row does in some way “lead” the class. It doesn’t mean that if you are in the front row you need to do all the postures perfectly and not fall out or sit down or take a break…what it means is that you take care of yourself, you work hard, you challenge yourself and when you take a break, you take it mindfully, a couple breaths, then back into the posture. Sound familiar?…it’s because that’s yoga.

So, don’t be scared of the Front Row. Be mindful of how you feel when you get to class. If you are working through an injury and the likelihood of you needing extra breaks or extra savasanas, then maybe that is not the day for you to be in the front, but rather take it easy in the back. If you have never practiced in the Front Row, maybe today is the day. See what is different for you, see if you notice your practice in a different way when you can see your body in the mirror. See how you feel to be leading the class with your energy, your concentration, your determination, your breath and your focus.

AHhh! OK, yogis, it’s time to go out and be in love with this day!! Actually, I’m about to go take Bestest’s class, THEN outside…wonder where I’ll practice this morning…

Happy looking at your reflections, yogis.
Ida xx