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Forgot to mention the OTHER freebie this weekend!

Good morning everyone!! What a beautiful morning…I was just checking the weather and we are expecting highs to TWENTY FIVE today!!! OMG THANK GOODNESS SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! I cannot say it often enough 😉 I am going to do my yoga this morning, 10am at BYSaanich, so I have the rest of the day to enjoy…actually, I have a few other things I have to do so the whole day won’t be spent lazing around in the sunshine, but I will def have a few hours of it. And…tonight we are heading to the Buchart Gardens for the 2012 fireworks display. Good times good times.

OK…this is really why I wanted to write a quickie post this morning though…I forgot to mention in my post from the other day Some FUN FREE YOGA things coming up…. The Hudson Yoga studio has been having free yoga all this week and classes are still free through Sunday. I checked out the new studio this week and am happy to report, I snagged a free parking spot in the parkade (there are about 15 spots in the parkade which are free during the week for 2 hours as well as maybe 6 or 8 spots out front on the street…and then after 5pm and on the weekends, the entire parkade is free!) which was a good omen!

Ken made it his goal to ensure the yoga room was finished on time (you know how these things go with building, the completion dates are often pushed back and back…), but the rest of the studio-changerooms, lobby etc, is still under construction. No worries, the showers worked, the toilets flushed, the rest of it isn’t imperative in my opinion. The room is pretty, high ceilings, radiant heat panels, fresh air intake, cork floors. The floors are slippery when wet so watch your step after your practice.

On the website the classes are listed as “Hudson 60” and “Hudson 90″…the class I took was a 90 and was exactly the Bikram series. (There was an article in the Times Colonist last weekend in which he said they weren’t doing Bikram Yoga…I guess they just aren’t calling it that but the teachers are teaching the same series). I believe there is also a flow class and a yin class offered but I haven’t looked to closely at the schedule.

So…classes are still free today and tomorrow and I imagine there are all sorts of deals and steals for memberships during this free week. ALSO, today they are having a health expo out front of the studio. I might wander down there later to check out what’s happening…so far I have heard of live music and Salt of Life being there…

OK, Lovelies, must run. Have a super awesome day, go play outside!


Some FUN FREE YOGA things coming up…

Goooood evening!!! Oh my god, isn’t the SUN ah-mazing???!!! IT was like I came out of my shell today with that sunshine!! I truly blossomed. ANd I think we get to look forward to the sun and hotter days to come. Whew. That was a close one!!

Are you feeling the full moon?? I was def feeling it lastnight. By the time I got into bed lastnight I was so out of sorts, I had all kinds of aches and pains and I was in a bit of a mood. I think I sucked up all kinds of sensations and feelings from other people yesterday and with the moon being full I think it all got magnified in my body. So…I slept for NINE hours and I woke up feeing a bit better. I was still a bit funny this morning, a bit dizzy and wonky, but I ate, meditated, got some work done, read in the sun and then took a yoga class and taught a yoga class and now I’m right as rain. (oops, maybe that was the wrong thing to say…I’m right at the sun shine in July!). I just downed a MASSIVE kale/red cabbage/carrot salad with hemp and sesame seeds, tossed with flax oil and bragg’s. I didn’t think I was going to eat the whole bowl but apparently I needed some GREENS!! I feel much better now.

OK….so, I wanted to let you know about a few fun events coming up over the next few days.

This weekend is the first annual (?) YOGATHON!! It’s a fundraiser for Victoria’s Downtown Community Center. You can find info on the Cool Aid Society website or check out their Facebook Page. I know our very own Lauren will be teaching a Yin yoga class at 8am in Centennial Square…

On SUNDAY (8th) there is going to be FREE YOGA IN THE PARK from BYSaanich. I was not around last summer when the outdoor classes happened so I’m looking forward to this year…and the weather is supposed to be FANTASTIC so it’s going to be that much better!! Check out BYSaanich website for more info on that. It’s at 11 am and I think this week it’s Abbey teaching. Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

ALSO on SUNDAY and ALSO in the park Niecia is organizing a SYNERGY “class”…frolic?…playtime?…get together??? You get the idea. We had such a fun time a couple weeks ago at the Synergy class at the studio let’s do it again! Bring a partner if you have one or don’t, no worries. I won’t have a partner either, so we can work together! 3pm, across from the petting zoo at Beacon Hill. Here’s the link to the FB page for more info! Synergy is a combination of partner stretching, thai massage and “flying” (stretching eachother in the air on our feet…!!!). You get all the stretching you need without having to do the work for it…sounds good right??

Aaaaaand, lastly…On Monday July 9th, a new teacher, Carole Gosse, is teaching a FREE Bikram class at BYSidney. Carole wants to teach some classes to gain experience and there are so many teachers here in Victoria already, so she’s creating space for herself and teaching a FREE class!! So, go on up to BYSidney, it’s a beautiful studio…nice chance to have a new yoga experience! If you plan on going, just call the studio and let them know so they know how many people to expect 😉 Info can be found by contacting the BYSidney studio