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Good Full Moon Sunday evening to you, my lovelies…

I’ve been meaning to make kale chips for the past few weeks and today I finally got to it! I watched a video someone posted on FB this morning about organic vs non organic and was reminded about the silent killers and invisible poisons that are sprayed onto (and subsequently INto) conventionally grown produce. (here’s a link to the video here).

So, I stopped by Lifestyles Market for some kale on my way home this afternoon and found the most beautiful kale I’ve ever seen…I know, I know, it sounds a bit over the top, but honestly this kale was amazing!!! Tasty too.

Beautiful Bountiful Organic Kale

Isn’t that gorgeous??

Ok, so here is how I did my kale chips today…they are still in the dehydrator so I can’t tell you how they turned out (yet), but before they went in I was tempted to just eat it all un dehydrated…I made 2 flavours, I’ve got the step by step as well as the ingredients:

Kale Chips 2 Ways:

*de-stem and wash and dry your kale very well (I use a salad spinner for this).. Tear it into chip sized pieces and put into a large bowl (I had to wash it in several batches because of the bounty of the head of kale!).

*massage the kale a little to start it breaking down

Spicy Kale Chips:

*2 tbs olive oil (massage the kale first with the oil)

*juice of 1/2 a lemon

*2 tbs apple cider vinegar

*celtic sea salt (sparingly to taste, flavours magnify in the dehydrator, especially salt!!)

*cayenne pepper and chili powder-use liberally, but to taste 😉

massage it all together until all the kale is well coated.

Tahini Kale Chips (perhaps you know about my love affair with tahini dressing…seemed a good place for it!)

*6 or so Tbs tahini dressing (see recipe on my blog here)

massage until well coated.

Spread raw kale on dehydrator trays, not too full, but you don’t have to be a ninny about it either. I had two MASSIVE bunches of kale and it made 4 trays total (I did, I admit, snack on the kale along the way…for taste control you understand).

Dehydrate on 105 degrees for…well, recipes say about 4 hours, but you’ll just have to experiment to see how long your dehydrator takes…good luck if you get them fully dehydrated before you’ve eaten the lot. Good luck, I say.

Washed and ready

Spicy pre dehydration

Tahini pre dehydration

Kale Chips a Plenty!

OK, good luck, let me know if you make some good ones!