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Cupcakes are my new favourite experiment…

OK…I bought this e-book online from a Groupon type thing (ethicalDeal, I think)…it was two books by Natalia KW…you can find more info and the books to download here  ) because it was a raw book for raw cupcakes. I’ve had this coconut flour that I’ve been wanting to use but didn’t know what to do with it and along came this e-book with several recipes using coconut flour! Perfection.

I’ve made 3 different flavours of cupcakes. They all have the same basic base for the cupcake and icing but with different additions to change the flavour and theme. So far I’ve made basic vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, then I made mini strawberry cupcakes with honey ginger icing…and the most recent was the mini chocolate cupcakes with mint icing…super yum.

The texture of these cupcakes is so amazing…the coconut flour is so porous that it soaks up the liquid of the other ingredients so it’s dense enough to have body but not dry…and it’s not all full of nuts. I actually think that these are the *healthiest* raw dessert I’ve ever made. I’m so excited by these and so excited by the range of flavours that I can make. SO fun!

Here’s the mini chocolate cups with mint icing: