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Shameless Self Amazement…

Hello my loves~
I had to share this photo with you because I, honestly, cannot believe it. I know I wrote about advanced class and the shifts and changes that have been occurring for me over the past few months, but it STILL amazes me…and this wheel pose is something that I’ve been *working* (I practice it during advanced class, but not every day and I don’t work on it very *hard*…) on over the years and on Sunday I had a big breakthrough.

Before this picture was taken, I did the further expression of the posture (brought my chest to the floor and looked through my feet) for the SECOND time ever…the first time was a couple years ago and I got kind of stuck (too much on my neck rather than on my chest) so have had a tinsy bit of fear about doing it again….honestly, I think I had a bit of dis-belief in myself (I know, I know, haven’t I ALWAYS said that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE??!!)…

So…here’s the question…why was I *suddenly* able to do these postures on Sunday? I said to myself, “why not”?

That’s all.

That is the whole story. I just made up my mind and realised that I can…even if I hadn’t yet, I already knew I could. Done deal.

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