I’m a Bikram Yoga instructor, Raw Food enthusiast, whole being health seeker and Yogi of the World. I spend a good deal of my time travelling the world, passing on the knowledge that I’ve learned from my teachers to other people. I lead Bikram Yoga seminars in studios-contact me if you’d like to have me to your studio! My purpose in this life is to inspire.

You can check out a photo journey on my other website…it’s cool to see the progression and change that’s possible!


10 responses to “About

  • Shelajee Hadi

    Great Recipe thank you

  • Shelajee Hadi

    Looking forward to receving healthy receipes (raw)

  • Melanie

    Thank you for a great seminar in wpg! It truly is amazing what you have accomplished! Gives me hope that anything in life is possible if you commit to it. Good luck in your future adventures. Thanks for inspiring me to continue to practice!

  • shayewalsh

    Hey, I can’t seem to find an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?

  • Jake Roth

    We miss you in Truckee;) come home and see us some time! Kim, Ingid and Miss Melissa got it goin’ on and all the usual suspects are here.
    Lots of peace.

  • Freedom Jo

    Ida- You inspire. Thank you for your candidness via your #notmyguru article. Personally, I think Bikram is a disgrace and yet… the beginning series has transformed my life for the better. I believe in the series with all my heart but would never allow any one of my 3 beautiful daughters to be alone in a room with the man Bikram. So hey dude… for those of us aspiring practitioners who one day dream of possibly being a Beginning Bikram Yoga Teacher but cannot stomach the idea of being near Bikram (unless it is to punch him in the throat) and/or do not wish to support the man any further financially… what do you suggest? What is available? What’s the path to get from here to there? Your wisdom and insight is much appreciated. Keep rockin’ (I know you will) -Thanks!

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