Monthly Archives: March 2014

Going home…

Hello my yogis!! Wow, I have missed you, but you know you can’t force anything, so if the time is not right to write, then the time is not right to write ;). I did, however, get a reminder about my blog (thanks Shirley!!), and amazingly, the inspiration arrived. 

I am on my way home from being home. You know, the home you come from and the home you create…(I suppose) they are the same sometimes for some people, but for me they are different. My HOME that I came from was not a house that I recall as my childhood house, we moved a LOT when I was growing up…my HOME is where my family is, where I came from, the people who know me and “get” me without me needing to introduce myself or try to “be” a certain way or have to watch myself for what I say (honestly, on the whole, I do not censor myself much, but there you know what I mean about having to be slightly guarded or particular with certain people/situations). My HOME is also where I CHOOSE to be. I have spent the past 10 years of my life travelling and exploring the planet and have come to know that my HOME is where I plant my feet and rest my head. 

My HOME is my country, my HOME is my family, and my HOME is my CHOICE. My HOME is my sanctuary and where I CHOOSE to be. My HOME is where I feel safe, relaxed, confident, at ease, welcomed, supported, cherished, excited, inspired and LOVED. My HOME is in many many many places, and I couldn’t be happier. 

However…what I realise more and more through my life and travels is that my HOME is ALSO my house and my community and my work and my LIFE. The place I lay my head has come to be the place I feel the most like ME! I am pretty sure I wrote about this a while back (forgive me for repeating myself, but I feel this needs repeating), but a few years ago a friend of mine talked to me about how the “right” place for me would be wherever I FELT right. No the place that I think is the best or  has one or two redeeming factors…but the place that I feel the BEST…the place that I feel “right” in. Once I stopped looking for my home, and started FEELING my home it all became clear. Each time I travel now, each time I go back HOME, I realise that my HOME is not where I am going, but it is where I already am.

Profound, no?

Find your home, yogis, and don’t be afraid if it changes and grows…but exist in the feeling of HOME and not the idea of it. 

K, gotta run, they just called my flight…can’t wait to get HOME.

Love you, 

Ida x