Good morning, yogis. Sigh, last evening I had to put on my hoodie. This morning when I got out of bed I had to put on sweat pants…the first time I’ve worn pants of any kind in a month it’s been THAT hot. So it’s a sign that the earth is still moving and we are still moving through time…but seriously, can’t summer last forever this year…? 

That’s not really what I’m posting about today. Today’s post is about this: Be.The.Sun. 

It was probably over a year ago now, maybe even close to two years, that an old friend of mine said to me, “be the Sun”. I was in some kind of turmoil about something in regards to someone else in my life (reason is insignificant, it was simply the catalyst), and she told me to be the Sun..the Sun remains the same…the Sun remains the same, no matter what. The Sun shines even when the clouds cover it up, the Sun comes up every single day even when bad things have happened around it, the Sun is bright and powerful and healing and uplifting in every single moment because it just keeps on shining…no matter what goes on around it. 


This year on my birthday, my mom gave me some tarot cards. I think it’s the third set of cards I’ve had through my life. I’ve always loved playing with and studying my Tarot cards, it’s really something that you can spend years “learning” how to read and use, because readings will always change and your understanding of them will always change. So I have these Motherpeace Tarot cards, and I like to do readings for myself (haha, and for others too, believe it or not!!) as a way of hashing through things, calling spirit guides, tuning into my Higher Self, etc. (sometimes you have to use everything you can to get answers!!). The other night I was struggling with a drama I had going on in my head so I pulled out the cards…well, long story short, this is the card I pulled for the card that represented “me” in the reading:


…haha. So, pretty well whenever anything has started to get to me the past few days, I just take a deep breath and remind myself, Be.The.Sun.

Have a happy Friday, my loves. Remember you get to be whatever you choose, all you have to do is see it in your mind’s eye.

Sending you lots of love…and, of course, lots of hot bright sun-shiny rays.

-Ida xx

(oh, and if you are reading this and you think the “friend” might be you, you are right, you know who you are, so thanks for that, LL 😉 )


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