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At What Age Does Age Become Sexy…?

Hello Everyone!! I just came up from taking class, and in Savasana I had two strong thoughts come to me that both seemed to warrant a blog post…I milled them both around for a few minutes…”all the sneezing and sick people that have been around sneezing and being sick all over the place”, or “at what age do people begin to understand how sexy age is”?….you can see which I picked…naturally. 😉

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. Through the ages, AGE was never looked at as desirable. For one, most people didn’t live past a certain (young) age anyhow, so it didn’t much matter that as we age we aren’t seen as as useful as we were when we were younger, or as pretty or strong or smart…..etc. But now, now we live for soooo long!! People are living well into their 90’s and even over 100!! We are so much stronger than ever and are able to live for so many more years than before that now we are faced with age, and what to do as we age….and how we see aging in our society. 

I was talking with a friend of mine and we were talking about how at some point in your life, you have to realize that you just need to be your best self FOR your best self, not someone ELSE’s idea of best. Seriously, right? And you have to realize at some point that if you aren’t doing ALL of the things that make you happy and fulfilled then what the hell are you doing here in this life??!! So, you can see, as it is my birthday tomorrow, I have been having these kinds of thoughts and conversations!! ha.

I was standing in the kitchen making dinner and thinking about how I want to spend my birthday. I was thinking about all of my favourite things I like to do and how I should do all of those things! What better day than my birthday??!! So, I was going through the list of simple but extremely satisfying and favourite things. 

Well, it became clear (again) that in MY life, as I get older, things are just getting better and better…and I wouldn’t want to go back to my years gone by, but am SO happy and thankful that I did all the stupid and crazy things that I did back then…and that I felt unhappy for things that I did, and fell in love and was heartbroken, and all the other wonderful character building life creating things…because that is the beauty of us having such long lives now! We get the chance to experience SO many different ages and decades and stages of life! What a trip, huh?

So, what is it that you think is the turning point about age and acceptance or aging in your own life? 

Happy birthday to me, puppies. Hope you all have a super awesome day tomorrow, think of me when you do the Locust and Full Locust poses…they’re my favourties these days!!

Much love and glittery rainbow riding Unicorns 😉

-Ida xx

my potatoes have the right idea….*simply amazing*