sigh…I have a problem…

Hello my loves!!

I am sad, I have a situation that I am feeling conflicted about…and it might be a bit of a rant…and it might be that I’m blowing it out of proportion…or perhaps there is someone out there who has some good ideas…

I am going to visit Bikram’s Teacher Training tomorrow for my week of posture clinics and classes and seeing so many friends…but since Bikram’s Ban on the Bandeau, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. It’s serious. I *almost always* (99% of the time) practice in a bandeau and now we are not able to wear them at TT and I have no idea what I am going to wear when I’m there. I know this does not seem like too big of a problem…you are probably thinking, “just get a couple other kinds of tops, ones with straps, or borrow something for the week you are there”…yes, I was thinking that same exact thing….but the problem is I do not know of any good yoga tops that are flattering on me!! As many of you know, I was very skinny when I was competing and now I do not restrict my food intake and monitor my yoga practice the same way and my body has gone back to a more voluptuous past…meaning I like the bandeaus because the right one is flattering and supportive (for yoga) and isn’t too “cleavage-y”…

I have been feeling more and more frustrated with yoga clothing makers these past months because I feel not only that they don’t make any styles with the bigger chested ladies in mind (how hard is it to design a top that fits around me but has enough room in the boobies!!???)…actually I have been SERIOUSLY frustrated with the increasingly smaller and smaller fits of all the yoga clothing companies lately (have you notice that the smalls are so small and the mediums and larges are just normal sized?? It can’t be only me who notices this…) and have to go with what I already have because I don’t like the trend of what’s been happening…

Alas, I digress…here is my question…any of you girls out there with breasts but not a huge rib cage like a style of yoga top WITH STRAPS of some kind??

I honestly don’t know what I’ll wear…a Onzie I suppose…

OK…let me know what you think 😉

Love and unicorn kisses,
Ida x

13 responses to “sigh…I have a problem…

  • yoginibear

    Ida, I have seen ladies wear Lulu bras (called Ta Ta Tamers) or tanks, but then Lulu is not kind to the pocketbook. Having said that, they do have items marked down, in the store and online under “we made too much”. Hope this helps.

  • flamingfuschia

    Mika Yoga Wear now makes their Tula adjustable tie back tops in “curvaceous” sizing!

    • yogagyrl

      I saw this! I will order one and see how it fits…I read some reviews that said even the curvaceous sizing is a big small so order larger size…Will let you know how it goes 😉

  • Cate

    What about attaching straps temporarily to one or two of your bandeau tops? Then you can take them off when you’re done at TT.

  • Randi

    Ellswear 616 Hillside will custom make tops. I needed 2 inches less around the rib cage than the ones they sell off the rack.

  • Kelly

    Hi Ida! I am going to visit TT next week and am bummed for the same reason (no bandeaus). I am a 32D and have a similar issue as you. I did find that the yogabela Linda bra top is decent coverage. Good Luck! See you next week!

  • justchelsye

    I’m obsessed with onzies lately! Good coverage and practical! Good lucK!

  • Mastermozi

    Oh Ida
    You look beautiful in any old thing,
    No worries!

  • chrism108

    Coming to this discussion late, I can say you looked beautiful at teacher training! We so appreciated your energy and insight, your physical beauty was of less consequence …

    Possibly useful for future … I tried a variety of tops, concerned with freedom of movement, and comfortable containment and agree with the earlier comment–Lulu is kindest to curvy women, and the products have worn quite well for me so far.

    • yogagyrl

      Thanks Christine! Hope you are enjoying your time at TT…and I hope to see you soon. Thanks for the tips on Lulu..I need to get to their shop and check out what they have to offer these days.

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