Crossfit, Barre, Bikram…

Hello my puppies!!

I’ve just spent the past almost 2 hours on the internet…and honestly, it’s flown by! I’m having a day today where I am finding really amazing things on the internet and feeling amazed at what information we have at our fingertips so so so easily in such a short time!! I know it sounds corny, but WHAT DID WE EVER DO BEFORE THE INTERNET??!! Amazing, right?

So, one of the things I came across was an article on Crossfit…this new gym phenomenon (well, to be fair, I don’t really know how new or not new it is or how long it’s been around…as I am not one to visit a Gym ever, it could have been around for a while and I wouldn’t have known…I think the first time I heard about it was a little over a year ago). At this stage of my life-whatever stage it is-I just don’t want to work that hard…I have spent so many years now in the hot yoga room and doing countless hours of yoga and minding every little thing I ate and doing everything in my life based around when I would be taking class and how every little thing was going to make me feel…well, honestly, I don’t want to squat and lift and pull up and run around until I puke…just does not sound fun to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect and a genuine fascination for people who do that kind of thing. I know that what I do is pretty intense. I’ve definitely “yoga-ed” until I’ve been sick and been so sore that I can hardly move or had weird injuries that have been incapacitating…I get the mentality to want to push yourself to see if you can and to really feel everything you are working for…I totally get that 100%…but I guess now that I have experienced that, I don’t feel the need to push myself to that degree. I still find myself doing it from time to time…over doing it, doing too much and then pushing myself over the edge and being way too dehydrated or something…it’s then that I get a message from the Universe (usually comes through my body in the form of it letting me know it doesn’t want to play that hard anymore-I’m talking a pulled muscle or a shoulder that won’t rotate or a neck that won’t turn or what have you), and then I check in with why I am doing it and take a step back and remind myself to be more mindful and remember that I have to take care of this body because it’s the only one I get in this life.

So, as I’m reading this article and reading all the “warnings” about Crossfit, I found myself thinking if it is the same kind of thing as for anything…any new trend or fad that comes along…I have read many articles about how bad Bikram yoga can be for you and how you can get so dehydrated that your body goes into shock, or how it’s so easy to pass out from heat exhaustion and go into seizures…and I wonder if it’s just someone playing devil’s advocate because that is the world we live in-ANY INFORMATION YOU WANT TO FIND YOU WILL FIND IT EASILY AND WITHOUT FAIL SOMEWHERE ON THE INTERNET!! You see, you can find anything to back up anything…it’s the modern day version of the debate club!! Ha…any opinion you find, you can easily and in moments find an equally well written voice of someone on the complete 180 degree angle different opinion!

So, yogis, first of all, take everything you read with a grain of salt (preferably himalayan pink salt!), be aware of yourself in what you do and take care of your body it is the only one you will get in this life! Always aqiure your own first hand information…stay with your instinct and gut feelings about things so you can always feel blissful and joyful in everything you do.

Here’s the article that sparked this post…
The Controversy Behind Crossfit

Love you pupps!

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