I wanted to post a quickie about my upcoming yoga vacation with some info for you…

I went on a yoga vacation (when I say “went on” I mean I was teaching there but it was so wonderful to be there, teaching was so not even work!!) last spring (2011) just outside Manzanillo, Mx. The location is AH-MAZING and the resort is clean comfortable quiet beautiful…it is called the Punta Serena resort overlooking a beautiful bay called Tenacatita Bay. I wrote a post about it here on my blog

I won’t get into it all again, just read the previous blog…but I am going again!! October 13-20!! I’m super excited to get back there and enjoy the beauty that is this place. You get to do as much or as little yoga as you want…get massages, go to the beach or the pool…you can go do water sports and head to town or you can relax in the sun all week…it’s up to you. Seriously, why would you NOT do this??!!

Check out the website for more info here!!

Peace out, Puppies…hope to see you all soon


Oh nothing, just drinking a coconut fresh from the tree…

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