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Have you ever noticed how different everyone is…?

Hello!!! It’s a Saturday evening and I am at home. I am supposedly packing for my road trip which begins on Monday…but, shhhhh, I am clearly not doing that. I was doing that, but now I am happily not. I’m a much better packer under pressure anyhow!

Today I taught a fabulous extra long Q and A class at the wonderful BYSaanich. It was a quickie throw together class…we decided about a week and a half ago that we would do the class. We took into consideration that it is summer and it was short notice and it ended up being a fab perfect class. 25 yogis hung out with me for 3 hours in the yoga room…and I have to say we all had a bunch of breakthroughs! (FYI, as I note, it wasn’t ME that made the class fabulous-I was referring to the ensemble…).

So…the real reason for this post is this: Have you ever noticed how there are not two people alike? Now, I don’t want you getting all identical twins on me, that’s not what I’m talking about. Do you ever compare yourself to someone, anyone else? Do you ever look at someone and then wish you looked like her/him and think you aren’t as good/fit/thin/funny/cute/fun/awesome in whatever way as this other person who you have decided is better in some way than you are? What IS “better”?? Seriously, think about it for a moment. There is so much pressure from society (but is there?) to look/be/act a certain way, so it directs us to think we need to all look the same…can you believe it? I have something to tell you….


Did you get it?

L.McB and I always think maybe we will compare ourselves to other people and think maybe we aren’t good enough in some way…and then after about 20 minutes we get bored because, seriously, what IS better? I mean, how can something be better than something else when there is nothing that is right? Seriously, seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Ah, yes, that is right. I almost forgot…we’re already perfect in this moment already…so there.

Ok Ok…back to packing…maybe.

Love you Puppies,
-Ida xx

Acceptable Behaviour….?

Hi hi hi!! Gosh, have I been slacking or what…? Nope, just busy, here and there, in the yoga room, out of the yoga room, in the sun, out of the sun…you get the drift.

This morning I was driving down to Cook St village to meet a friend for a walk along Dallas Rd (which, as an aside, is streaming with people walking their dogs…so, if anyone needs a dog walked, I noticed there are many handsome men along this route, I would be willing to take your dog for a walk…I think you are again getting my drift πŸ˜‰ ) and have a tea before I had to head to to the yoga studio for advanced class. So, on my drive down, I noticed a woman walking down the street…well, she wasn’t walking, she was kind of waving her arms and doing what I deemed to be dancing. My first initial thought was “huh, inappropriate?”…and then I very quickly caught myself and thought “self expression”…which then got me to thinking…what is self expression and is revered for being care free and self expressed no matter where we are, and what is deemed inappropriate in the eyes of society? Where is the line drawn?

I started to think about things we call “inappropriate”…things like wearing something, ahem, ill-fitting or perhaps unflattering…not vulgar, just maybe not flattering. Then I imagined a person using a great deal of profane language in public, a mixed group of people all in ear shot. Or, how about a child who is picking his nose in public or a person dancing (as this woman was) to the beat of her own drum…

What is the factor of “inappropriate” in society and who decided this? Through conversation and discussion, we came to the conclusion of two things:
1) Do no harm. Meaning, if someone wants to wear very short shorts which may or may not be flattering on me and perhaps they show off a little cellulite or something then really what’s the harm? It’s not affecting anyone negatively. If she was to wear something which was clearly showing her “private parts” as in something very see through or low/high cut, then by the confines of the society we live in, this is inappropriate because this could cause “harm” to the people around (some people may be “wounded” not just offended by this…traumatized even?). If someone is yelling profanity, this can be harming to the people around, perhaps children in ear shot…perhaps it’s not physically damaging, but certainly can be emotionally damaging to some people.
2) We as a society have deemed what is appropriate in public by what we can and cannot handle. Example…in India there are many people who live in slums right along side of the road. These people live in a small area of ground and do everything they need to do in this one small space. They eat, they sleep, they cook, they poop…you see where I’m headed with this…? To them, and greatly in that society, that is acceptable behaviour. If someone dropped trow here in downtown Victoria and decided to relieve himself right there and then, he would be scorned and ostracized and probably arrested (I’m pretty sure that is illegal). This kind of behaviour is inappropriate in our society because we have built our communities to behave a certain way and nudity or other such similar things are seen as wrong here…that makes me think of all the other places in the world where the human body is celebrated and flaunted, not hidden like it is so often here in North America…but that is for another day πŸ˜‰

So…what’s the point…? Not sure…just that I value people and their individuality, and while not wanting to squash anyone’s self expression, I also have been raised in a society where we have made up all sorts of rules of being based on what we can handle and what we think is a societal right or wrong. I, for one, encourage everyone to dance a little in the streets, laugh out-loud in the movies and sing to the musak we hear at the elevator…why not? If for nothing else, it will keep you, and the people who stare at you on the street, entertained!

OK, my loves, time to get out into the sunshine and soak up my vitamin D for the day.
Ciao puppies. Remember to never let yourself be squashed by someone else’s idea of what is right and wrong…these ideas are just ideas make up by someone who thought they were the boss…

Tuesday is mid week?

Good morning!!

I am about to dash off to teach a class in Sidney, but wanted to post a pic of my dinner from lastnight. Yes, that’s right, I’m posting a picture of my dinner. I had a huge green smoothie during the day (blueberries, peaches, half a banana and swiss chard) in between the beginners and advanced classes I did. So, I decided I wanted something a bit more substantial for dinner. I was craving quinoa, so made a “moroccan” quinoa salad. It was Moroccan inspired at least…

Cooked Quinoa
Grated beets and carrots
soaked dried figs, diced
hemp seeds
chopped swiss chard
raw black olives, sliced
olive oil
moroccan spices (google it, it was a mixture of many things!!)

Toss it all up, top with a little avocado and that’s it!

was super yummy…I think it needed a little lemon juice though, for the acid factor.

my version of a moroccan quinoa salad!

Forgot to mention the OTHER freebie this weekend!

Good morning everyone!! What a beautiful morning…I was just checking the weather and we are expecting highs to TWENTY FIVE today!!! OMG THANK GOODNESS SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! I cannot say it often enough πŸ˜‰ I am going to do my yoga this morning, 10am at BYSaanich, so I have the rest of the day to enjoy…actually, I have a few other things I have to do so the whole day won’t be spent lazing around in the sunshine, but I will def have a few hours of it. And…tonight we are heading to the Buchart Gardens for the 2012 fireworks display. Good times good times.

OK…this is really why I wanted to write a quickie post this morning though…I forgot to mention in my post from the other day Some FUN FREE YOGA things coming up…. The Hudson Yoga studio has been having free yoga all this week and classes are still free through Sunday. I checked out the new studio this week and am happy to report, I snagged a free parking spot in the parkade (there are about 15 spots in the parkade which are free during the week for 2 hours as well as maybe 6 or 8 spots out front on the street…and then after 5pm and on the weekends, the entire parkade is free!) which was a good omen!

Ken made it his goal to ensure the yoga room was finished on time (you know how these things go with building, the completion dates are often pushed back and back…), but the rest of the studio-changerooms, lobby etc, is still under construction. No worries, the showers worked, the toilets flushed, the rest of it isn’t imperative in my opinion. The room is pretty, high ceilings, radiant heat panels, fresh air intake, cork floors. The floors are slippery when wet so watch your step after your practice.

On the website the classes are listed as “Hudson 60” and “Hudson 90″…the class I took was a 90 and was exactly the Bikram series. (There was an article in the Times Colonist last weekend in which he said they weren’t doing Bikram Yoga…I guess they just aren’t calling it that but the teachers are teaching the same series). I believe there is also a flow class and a yin class offered but I haven’t looked to closely at the schedule.

So…classes are still free today and tomorrow and I imagine there are all sorts of deals and steals for memberships during this free week. ALSO, today they are having a health expo out front of the studio. I might wander down there later to check out what’s happening…so far I have heard of live music and Salt of Life being there…

OK, Lovelies, must run. Have a super awesome day, go play outside!


Thursday is ALREADY Fabulous…

Good morning!

I woke up early this morning because I was having a bad dream. I dreamt that I was a short fat man on a killing spree in a hotel. I had killed a bunch of people and then was in a room with one guy and couldn’t find my gun. I then found it, and shot him several times while he came toward me, in zombie like fashion, seemingly unharmed from the 12 or so bullets I shot at him. I ran out of the room and hid down the hallway behind a door while the zombie walked down the hall…that is when I woke myself up. Weird.

So, up I got, made tea and ate some melon. I decided that seeing as I am doing advanced class at 12:30 today I would take some time this morning to be outside…seeing as it is a magnificent day out there! I strapped on my sneaks and headed for Mt. Douglas. I’ve had this painful “hamstring” issue in my left leg for months now. It comes and goes a bit but never goes completely away…some days are more painful than others and walking seems to aggravate it. Well, maybe not aggravate it as it doesn’t get worse, but walking long distances seems to really activate it. However, I’m not going to let it run my life, so up I hiked!!

At the top of Mt. Doug this morning!

beautiful, right??!!

So, I hiked up, sat for a while in the beauty of nature, breathed in the clean air, admired the vast amazement of this life, and then trundled back down the hill. (FYI, if you plan to go to Mt. Doug, I suggest you go early-I got there and parked at 930am ish and when I got back at 10:30am ish the parking was a circus…so, if you are driving, best bet is arrive early or later in the day!).

Then I came home and made a chocolate blueberry smoothie for after advanced class.

Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie~ anti-oxident powerhouse:

Small pack of fresh blueberries
handfull of cacao nibs
1.5 (ish) TBS Hemp hearts
coconut water-1/5 cups maybe?

Blend it all up in the vitamix…I also added a handful of icecubes to chill it up a bit.

Not super sweet, but delish. You could use a combo of berries for this, but blues are what I had so that’s how it worked out today!

anti-oxident dream chocolate blueberry smoothie!

Have a great day, y’all. Hope you get to get in that sunshine!!

Ida xx

NEW Princess Website…

I just wanted to let you know, puppies, that my new website is published. I have been working on it off and on for a few weeks now and finally got it online. Whew. My old hosting guy was going to be no longer so I had to get my act in gear to get the files changed over and the files transferred and the right dn with the correct ip and the blah blah blah…..seriously. I think I now speak a new language!! I remember when I bought my second car (my first car was gifted to me so I didn’t have to really know anything about buying a car) and I ended up learning so much about cars…more than I ever thought I would know…and I’m so happy for it (seriously!!). So, now it’s the same with websites and hosting and all that jazz.

Anyhow, like any other art project, it is not finished, I will continue to make changes and updates. My goal is to eventually move my blog to the site as well…but don’t worry, I’ll let you know when that happens so you can re-direct!

Go on over, check it out, let me know what you think!! (if you had this bookmarked already, just refresh your browser if you need).

Love and sun kissed kisses.

Some FUN FREE YOGA things coming up…

Goooood evening!!! Oh my god, isn’t the SUN ah-mazing???!!! IT was like I came out of my shell today with that sunshine!! I truly blossomed. ANd I think we get to look forward to the sun and hotter days to come. Whew. That was a close one!!

Are you feeling the full moon?? I was def feeling it lastnight. By the time I got into bed lastnight I was so out of sorts, I had all kinds of aches and pains and I was in a bit of a mood. I think I sucked up all kinds of sensations and feelings from other people yesterday and with the moon being full I think it all got magnified in my body. So…I slept for NINE hours and I woke up feeing a bit better. I was still a bit funny this morning, a bit dizzy and wonky, but I ate, meditated, got some work done, read in the sun and then took a yoga class and taught a yoga class and now I’m right as rain. (oops, maybe that was the wrong thing to say…I’m right at the sun shine in July!). I just downed a MASSIVE kale/red cabbage/carrot salad with hemp and sesame seeds, tossed with flax oil and bragg’s. I didn’t think I was going to eat the whole bowl but apparently I needed some GREENS!! I feel much better now.

OK….so, I wanted to let you know about a few fun events coming up over the next few days.

This weekend is the first annual (?) YOGATHON!! It’s a fundraiser for Victoria’s Downtown Community Center. You can find info on the Cool Aid Society website or check out their Facebook Page. I know our very own Lauren will be teaching a Yin yoga class at 8am in Centennial Square…

On SUNDAY (8th) there is going to be FREE YOGA IN THE PARK from BYSaanich. I was not around last summer when the outdoor classes happened so I’m looking forward to this year…and the weather is supposed to be FANTASTIC so it’s going to be that much better!! Check out BYSaanich website for more info on that. It’s at 11 am and I think this week it’s Abbey teaching. Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

ALSO on SUNDAY and ALSO in the park Niecia is organizing a SYNERGY “class”…frolic?…playtime?…get together??? You get the idea. We had such a fun time a couple weeks ago at the Synergy class at the studio let’s do it again! Bring a partner if you have one or don’t, no worries. I won’t have a partner either, so we can work together! 3pm, across from the petting zoo at Beacon Hill. Here’s the link to the FB page for more info! Synergy is a combination of partner stretching, thai massage and “flying” (stretching eachother in the air on our feet…!!!). You get all the stretching you need without having to do the work for it…sounds good right??

Aaaaaand, lastly…On Monday July 9th, a new teacher, Carole Gosse, is teaching a FREE Bikram class at BYSidney. Carole wants to teach some classes to gain experience and there are so many teachers here in Victoria already, so she’s creating space for herself and teaching a FREE class!! So, go on up to BYSidney, it’s a beautiful studio…nice chance to have a new yoga experience! If you plan on going, just call the studio and let them know so they know how many people to expect πŸ˜‰ Info can be found by contacting the BYSidney studio

Minerals, Electrolytes and supplements oh my!


I’ve been taking class in the afternoon more often lately and it seems these days I’m noticing more and more how much harder I have to work for flexibility in the morning classes than I do in the afternoon classes. I used to hate practicing in the afternoon because I had to think all day about my food consumption and water consumption because I have never really been able to eat and practice without CONSIDERABLE amount of time in between…what I’ve come to figure out, and it’s not a fail proof rule, is that it really depends on what I eat and not the fact that I eating….that is only an aside though, as this post is really about sweating a replenishing…but how the body feels in class from morning to night is a good topic as well! One day.

Ok…so now that summer is here (and before you start with the snarky comments in your head all you West Coasters, I am bare armed and bare footed and not the least bit cold…so as long as I don’t have to put on my parka and my feet can stay out then we have a summer…but FYI, if the dial doesn’t get turned up on the thermostat soon, this unicorn is going to have to pack up her bag and go chase the sun!!). So, as I said, now that the temperature is warmer outside, our bodies start to burn more fluid on a regular basis…so its doubly important to make sure to replenish the minerals and electrolytes we need. The studio here has been pretty sweaty…and I’ve been sweating like a man (haha, honestly, that has to be one of the least attractive things a woman could say out loud…and be proud of it…but for me it’s almost like a badge of honour!!) these days. I loooove the humidity, I loooove the sweating. But with all the sweating comes loss of vital minerals and electrolytes from the body. Now, you get many of these minerals and electrolytes from fresh whole fruits and vegetables…of which I eat lots…but sometimes we need a bit of a boost and additional support.

Watermelon has to be one of nature’s most perfect foods…full of electrolytes and love

I’ve never been much of a fan of powders and potions and things. I’ve certainly has my phases of taking MANY supplements thinking I needed these essential additions to my diet to help me function optimally…but after a certain amount of time I get “over” the tablets and mixtures and potions and I stick to eating what feels good and going from there. However, the one thing I do usually have in my diet or (almost) daily routine is a mineral/electrolyte supplement. When I’ve had a particularly sweaty class or I’ve been travelling or am just a bit more run down, I feel it immediately. So, I”m going to highlight the ones I know of and the ones I like and/or use on a (semi)regular basis…

Let me start with good old coconut water!! Yay for coconut water. Of course, my fav is straight from the coconut off the tree whilst sitting on the beach in my bikini…however that is not realistic for everyday, so I settle for the canned variety most days. Let it be known that I do buy the fresh coconuts from time to time. You can get 2 for $5 at the Rootcellar and I think they are $2 each down in Chinatown (but I haven’t bought them there for a while, so not entirely sure on the price). The real young coconuts are a little more challenging to get into than the cans or tetra packs are (duh) but worth it, I think. If I don’t have the fresh to go to, then I go with the bottled kind…here is a list of the kinds I like and/or know of. My favourite so far is Real Coconut Water by Taste Nirvana. I like this brand for a few reasons…one is that it comes in a glass bottle which I appreciate. But, really, the flavour is the best. It’s not as sweet as some of the bottled coco waters and lately it has had some little bits of coconut flesh in it which makes me feel like it really came from the coconut and minimal processing. Another one I like is Organic Lives. It comes in from Vancouver (the restaurant Organic Lives brings it in directly from Thailand). It’s quite a bit more on the pricey side, but it’s organic and raw (un-pasturized). It comes frozen…apparently it’s taken fresh from the coconuts and then frozen immediately and sent here. it’s super delicious, but as I said it’s about two to three times the price of the bottled kind you can get. I’ve seen it at Lifestyles as well as Ingredients. The one other that I have been drinking lately (because they have it at BYSaanich) is Cocos-Pure. I love this company because it’s local!! Of course, the coco water is not local, but the company has it’s head office on Johnson St…I always love to give love to the locals!! It’s great tasting, not sweet, light and refreshing.
Ok…so, the benefits of coconut water are amazing. It is full of minerals and electrolytes and it’s the closest to the make up of human blood plasma and was used intravenously in WW2 for soldiers. So, seems like a good idea, no? Coconut water is really hight in potassium which is great for muscles, so awesome for exercising and feeding the muscles…however, it’s low in sodium (but lets be honest, there is soooo much sodium in day to day eating…), so I’ll tell you about the cheapest and easiest supplement that I use…

enjoying a coconut on the deck!!

I have in the past used VEGA electrolyte powder. I like this powder good enough. When I’ve had a particularly hot and sweaty class I can gulp this stuff down in my water and feel like I’m back on track. I like the company and what it stands for, and I like Brendan Brazier’s story…and he’s from North Vancouver and has been vegan since the age of 15…so, I like the whole idea of it!! There are 2 flavours, I prefer the lemon/lime…tastes a bit like iced tea powder. I am not sure that this stuff helps me feel more bendy or recover faster from dehydration…but I like the shot of it after class is great to give me a bit of a boost. Honestly, at this point in my life, I’m pretty connected to my body and I don’t often get over the top dehydrated…it’s very rare that I have a total killer yoga class that takes me to the floor or have to lie down (the last doozy of a class was in Truckee last month, but I also chalk that up to altitude and flying, etc…and even then I kinda like it!! haha).

There is always the old stand-by, Emergen-C. I don’t use this stuff unless it’s an emergency (ha!) but if I’m desperate and need a shot of electrolye then I’ll gulp down one of these. There is a “light” one which is sugar free, so I usually go with that one if I have the oportunity.

OK…here is the one that I suggest everyone start to use…Hymalayan Pink Crystal Salt. (I capitalized it for emphasis). I read about pink salt and Sole years ago but never experimented with it until last year. There is a local (!!) company called Salt of Life. You take a tsp (or more) in the morning with lots of water. It’s simple, easy to use and effective. I think, for some reason, that I sweat more when I take it in the morning, but I don’t feel like I get more dehydrated from it. I asked about the sweating more factor and they thought perhaps it was because the sole helps to detoxify and pull impurities from the body that that might cause me to sweat more to push it out…It also helps to balance the PH of the body, neutralizing the acid/alkaline in the body. Who wouldn’t want that??!! The only thing about the Sole is that it doesn’t travel well. I still need to figure out a way to travel with it…a container that won’t leak that I can have a few rocks and water in, but it’s too heavy…if you have any ideas, let me know!!

Sole will only ever saturate to 26%, no more no less…it’s so smart!

So…test everything, Yogis!! You have to find what works for you. I use the sole in the morning and often have a coco water after class (I mix the coconut water with regular water because I find sometimes downing the coconut water right after class on an empty stomach can make me a bit funny in the belly…cut with the water it doesn’t have that effect. I’ve been thinking about getting a container of VEGA as well, just to test that out for a bit…

OK…happy sweating, little chickadees…make sure that you are drinking extra water for the summer (and, let’s be honest, always!)…and test out a few different products and see how it makes you feel.

Happy hydrating!