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What if we all loved and wanted the best for eachother…?

Good sunny afternoon my lovelies!! I was just sitting outside in the sun (thank goodness!!) and was thinking about the class I taught this morning. I said something in class (that I’ve often said in class) that our body’s job 100% of the time is to heal and make us well and strong. Then I started thinking about what it would be like in this world and in this life if everyone was there to support and love eachother all the time…..seriously…if we all just loved eachother unconditionally and realised that we all have different points of view and different experiences that led us to where we are now and that even though we might not all have the same ways of being, we are all ONE and we are all here to LOVE EACHOTHER.

Can you imagine it?

Imagine if we all were HONEST with eachother about things…not because we want to hurt or disable others, but if our intention was to do no harm and to serve eachother, wouldn’t honesty be awesome? Then we could eliminate FEAR and live in TRUST…trust that we are safe to express ourselves and trust that we can love freely and completely.

Oh what a world it would be.

On that note…I am dragging myself away from my hot and sunny back deck and heading to take yoga class.

…one love

Sunshine is the best Vitamin D

Back in Victoria…overview for my next few posts…

Hello!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy. I know, I have this constant issue with being regular in my posts, but as you all know I am on the road often and often I don’t post when I’m on the road…I think I’ll try to get better at it though as it’s hard to re-kindle all the things I think or want to write about when I get home. Plus it becomes a lump sum of blog posts all at one time!

OK….so, I just got back from 3 weeks away. I started in Calgary for the Western Canada Hatha Yoga Competition. I had an amazing weekend there, the competition was amazing, I did a demo (first one in 3 years!), and I felt so in love with my community. I will write specifically about that weekend (and post the video!) soon.

Next I was off to LA to visit the teacher training at the Radisson LAX. I was there for week 6, which is later than I am usually at TT, but it was nice to be there at a time where it seems that most of the students (about 420 of them in this one!) are over the “hump” and beginning to feel the forward motion of what they are doing and going to do…teach!!

Then I was off to Truckee. My second home. I went to visit with Bestest and hang in the mountains for a couple weeks. The weather was beautiful (cept for the one day it DUMPED with snow…dumped for JUNE!!), we sat outside, we did lots of yoga, we made yummy food and generally got re-energized.

Then I was back to LA for the International Yoga Championships. Yup…here we go again. No, I did not compete and no I did not judge. I was there as a coach and spectator and support for the competitors if they needed it (french braid, anyone?)…as well as to visit and see so many friends I only get to see at events like this.

OK…, there is lots to cover, I will try to get to all of it through this week…I am in the process of building a new website so I have that to handle as well as the rest of my life that piled up while I was gone…

I am planning on being home for several weeks (or at least in the vicinity) so am hoping to pick up some classes to teach. I miss my Victoria yogis…hope to see you all soon.

Stay tuned, I’ve got some interesting things bubbling away in my blog brain…