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Photo Shoot…yup, mine…

Good afternoon.

I’ve been home now almost 3 weeks…and for the first bit I was already getting ansty about being in one place for so long. This is now the longest I have been anywhere since last December…so, it took some time to settle down and relax into being home. I have been working on all the “housekeeping” things I’ve been putting on the back burner over the past six months…all that stuff that isn’t hard to do but takes time and attention. It’s been awesome, I’ve been ticking things off the list and am now feeling so much lighter about everything…so, now when I take off again I won’t have those nagging chores weighing me down!!

One of the things that was on my list of things to do was get some new yoga photos done. Just as the Universe works, I had it in my mind and I was contacted and connected with a wonderful photog here in Victoria, Myah Dhillon. Myah was a student at the Western Academy of Photography. I got together with Myah so she could get more experience for her school work and portfolio and I could get some new wonderful photos for myself.

Myah was great. She was gracious and clear. She let me do whatever I wanted as well as directed me a bit to get some shots she wanted…it was a perfect partnership!

Anyhow, if you need photos for anything, I can connect you with Myah…here or in Vancouver…over the summer…after that she moves to Toronto to start her career!!

OK…onto the photos. Here are a few of my favs. I have some that are simple and some which are more artsy..always good to have a combo, don’t you think??

Pidgeon set up

Standing head to knee…with a smile!

Standing Splits

Love this picture! Fish Pose

Determination. Pidgeon close up

I love having photos of my yoga practice…and this was fun to do because they are a little on the art side so are beautiful as well as cool.

See you soon, Yogis.

What the brain thinks and what the body wants…

Hello my loves! Another rainy day here on the Island…alas, I taught a class out in Sidney this morning and the rain brought in a big number of yogis and also brought in the humidity we all love so much…so, the rain isn’t all bad…not ALL.

I have something weird to tell you. I think about eating meat (mostly fish) all the time…but every time I’ve come close to doing it (and by “close” I really only mean I’ve seen other people eating it), I have no desire to do it…nope, not gonna happen. Yet, every few days I am back to thinking I’d like to eat some fish and then every time I get close to it I just cannot even fathom the idea.

So, for now I am staying vegan…

Does this happen to you? Been vegan/vegetarian and think about eating meat/seafood…any other things you’ve stopped eating and are considering bringing back into your diet…?

Let me know, I’m always interested in people’s food path…