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Photo Shoot…yup, mine…

Good afternoon.

I’ve been home now almost 3 weeks…and for the first bit I was already getting ansty about being in one place for so long. This is now the longest I have been anywhere since last December…so, it took some time to settle down and relax into being home. I have been working on all the “housekeeping” things I’ve been putting on the back burner over the past six months…all that stuff that isn’t hard to do but takes time and attention. It’s been awesome, I’ve been ticking things off the list and am now feeling so much lighter about everything…so, now when I take off again I won’t have those nagging chores weighing me down!!

One of the things that was on my list of things to do was get some new yoga photos done. Just as the Universe works, I had it in my mind and I was contacted and connected with a wonderful photog here in Victoria, Myah Dhillon. Myah was a student at the Western Academy of Photography. I got together with Myah so she could get more experience for her school work and portfolio and I could get some new wonderful photos for myself.

Myah was great. She was gracious and clear. She let me do whatever I wanted as well as directed me a bit to get some shots she wanted…it was a perfect partnership!

Anyhow, if you need photos for anything, I can connect you with Myah…here or in Vancouver…over the summer…after that she moves to Toronto to start her career!!

OK…onto the photos. Here are a few of my favs. I have some that are simple and some which are more artsy..always good to have a combo, don’t you think??

Pidgeon set up

Standing head to knee…with a smile!

Standing Splits

Love this picture! Fish Pose

Determination. Pidgeon close up

I love having photos of my yoga practice…and this was fun to do because they are a little on the art side so are beautiful as well as cool.

See you soon, Yogis.

What the brain thinks and what the body wants…

Hello my loves! Another rainy day here on the Island…alas, I taught a class out in Sidney this morning and the rain brought in a big number of yogis and also brought in the humidity we all love so much…so, the rain isn’t all bad…not ALL.

I have something weird to tell you. I think about eating meat (mostly fish) all the time…but every time I’ve come close to doing it (and by “close” I really only mean I’ve seen other people eating it), I have no desire to do it…nope, not gonna happen. Yet, every few days I am back to thinking I’d like to eat some fish and then every time I get close to it I just cannot even fathom the idea.

So, for now I am staying vegan…

Does this happen to you? Been vegan/vegetarian and think about eating meat/seafood…any other things you’ve stopped eating and are considering bringing back into your diet…?

Let me know, I’m always interested in people’s food path…


blueberry mint…

running out the door but thought I’d post my smoothie this afternoon. I ate breakfast but am taking the 345 class today so needed a little something to carry me through…

Blueberries (frozen)-about a cup…maybe a cup and a half
Leaves of a large stem of mint FROM THE GARDEN IN THE BACKYARD!
Tbs Hemp hearts
Tbs ish of green powder (Vitamineral Green)
Cup of water.

Blend and enjoy. Yum….now I’m all minty 😉

Have a fab afternoon,

mini rant about prices…


i have to do a mini rant about the cost of things for a minute…then I will have it out of my system and i will be done.

I went to Planet Organic today to get a refill for my Soda Stream and pick up a couple other things…my plan was to get a couple kombuchas, the refill and maybe one or two other things only to be gotten from the hf store and then get a few things from the Rootcellar-my chosen produce store, especially in the abundant summer in BC.

i will say even before i really get into it that almost every time i walk into planet organic i am already kind of angry and disappointed with them…i already am looking through the “you disappoint me” glasses, so they really don’t have a hope in hell of making me happy. that’s sad, isn’t it? so, in i walk, just minding my own business wanting to get my refill and get out before i am spending a gazillion dollars on nothing (wait for it). i picked up my refill ($19.99), grabbed a medium bag of cashews, a medium-small bag of raw almonds and 2 GT’s Kombuchas…modest, moderate, small, not even filling one bag. I refrained from buying all the other things that I thought about buying and decided to just get out while i was still in a good mood (seriously, i can always feel the tension mounting when i go in there…unfortunately).  so…drum roll please…my total for these FIVE items (and modest items) was ALMOST FIFTY DOLLARS!!! really??? two kombuchas, some cashews and almonds and I’m paying THIRTY dollars?? wow.

so, again, here i am back to feeling annoyed with Planet Organic before i even get through the door.

oh…and while i’m here, let me just say that every time i get to the cashier, she asks me if i found everything ok… and every time i say i did not find what i was looking for she says something un helpful and apologetic but not anything to solve the problem of me not finding what i was looking for…so, uhm, why ask in the first place?

ok. i’m done my rant. i usually just pay whatever for whatever i want because i take my health seriously and don’t mind spending the money on my food…but some days i wish being healthy was a bit cheaper.

nighty night.


ida x

“people are the slaves to their bad habits” ~ BC

Hello my sweet readers~

I’m just about to pop into bed, but my mind is all a buzz with yoga as I was in the yoga room for several hours today and I can’t go to sleep without jotting down a couple things here, with you.

“People are the slaves to their bad habits”…guess who? Yup, Bikram. All through my practice this morning this quote was running through my head. I felt like I was surrounded by people who were displaying their bad habits…which, of course, was simply a mirror of…you guessed it…MY bad habits! Sheesh. Is it ever not a wonder how the yoga room shows us the truth of all things…? I was distracted and allowing everything to steal my peace. And yet, I could not get those words out of my head, “people are the slaves to their bad habits”…

We are soooo attached to our way of being. We are soooo attached to how we believe ourselves to be and what and who we think we are. But, don’t you think that we are who we SAY we are? Therefore we are not our bad habits unless we SAY we are our bad habits…so, if we say we are something different than that then that is what and who we are…get my drift?

One of my favourite quotes is from TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and notes from the universe
“thoughts become things, choose the good ones”…good one, right?

OK. Nighty night, Puppies.

Apple Cafe (inside Ingredients HF Store)

Good rainy afternoon, Kittens…

It’s a rainy Friday here in Victoria…they said it was going to rain and when they say something it must be true ;). I headed out of the house this morning in sandals and rather summery clothes…and wasn’t I aghast when I came out of yoga and stepped into the downpour that was happening outside. Sheesh. I’ve resisted saying it as I don’t want to conform and be too trendy (as I like to add my own flair to everything!), but I’m going to say it…this really IS JUNEUARY!!!! Double sheesh. The reality of the situation is this…It’s almost always beautiful here in May and everyone gets all excited and overjoyed that summer is here early and then June is almost always cold and rainy…well, this year is no different…good news is, it’s the 22nd of June, which means July is just around the corner…get my drift…so, take this rainy time to get stuff done that you won’t want to do once the sun is shining and all you want to do is frolick outside!!

OK…onto my post for today. It’s a quickie…I just wanted to put a shout out to Apple Cafe inside the (relatively) new Ingredients Health Food Store. Ingredients opened…oh…gosh, maybe half a year ago and I’ve been in there several times now. I mostly have just done a little shopping…they have a HUGE bulk section-including a whole gluten free bulk section as well as herbs, powders, teas, and all sorts of other things that you don’t even know you need…! You can use the little bags they have there for your bulk, or you can bring in your own jars or containers and weigh them empty then fill ’em up and pay for the contents…brilliant. Course, I’m yet to take advantage of this as I’m not that organized, but the idea of it is fabulous! They also have a pretty substantial vitamin and supplement section with a huge variety protein powders and green powders etc., to satisfy any dietary need. As well as all these lovely food selections, they do lectures, events and other fun things there…I’ve yet to attend anything there as I’m always out of town, but I love that they are creating a community down there on top of the great healthy food supply!

So, inside of the store there is also a little cafe-the Apple Cafe. They make pretty well everything there, and have a large selection of things to choose from…you can go for an Yerba Mate latte with fresh almond milk and a gluten free vegan power cookie or you can have a raw kale and kelp noodle salad with Almond dressing and a kombucha…or if you’re craving breakfast, how about an organic free run egg fritatta or a bowl of chia seed porridge? As I said, I had been to the store a few times, and one time got a cookie and tea to go, but today was the first time I sat down and had a real lunch there. I met Wendy there and we both ordered a raw salad…she had the raw falafel salad and I had the kelp noodle bowl salad. I loved mine. It had some kind of almond sauce…kind of asian peanut sauce kind of flair to it…Wendy enjoyed hers as well (I tasted it and it was way too salty for me…she commented that it WAS salty but she LOVES salty so it was good…but we both wondered if there was an error and it wasn’t meant to be that salty…I am still wondering).

The dessert case at Apple Cafe

I’m looking forward to going and eating there again. They do gluten free vegan pizza which looks good as well as raw pizza that I’d like to try…and they really do have eggs and other cooked things…so if you are with non-vegan eaters or what have you, I’m sure everyone could get something they like…

OK…well, that’s all I got for today. I am going to enjoy being in my sweats this afternoon, drinking my tea and listening to the rain fall.

Happy Friday, Kittens…hope the weekend is full of love, sweat and tears of joy.
Ida x

Some Things Take Time…

Hello Puppies…happy summer! YAY…seriously, I can’t say anything more than that…YAY…I’ve only been back in Victoria for a little over a week and already I was so over the weather!!! I am, as many of you I’m sure, SOOOOOO connected to the sun and the weather…especially when my brain tells me it’s summer and supposed to be sunny and warm and my body still feels cold from the actual weather. So, that being said, today is day TWO in a row of wearing less clothes and feeling warm!! whew 😉

I have been working on a post for the past few days but haven’t finished it or been ready to post it yet. It’s about weight, body image, size, fluctuation, acceptance…and my own journey over the years.

It’s a big one!!

Every day I think about my body and how I view my body and how I view myself in relation to my image…I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if men feel the same way as women do (and of course not all women are the same, but in my experience as a woman and talking with other women, there is a common thread amongst us…), but I am sure that men have some kind of attachment to how they look and what it says about them. Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and have to make the choice to love what I see…I always am aware not to make a judgement on myself based on comparison of how I used to look or what my body used to be like. That is the biggest thing, isn’t it? Not living in the past and holding onto the past as though THAT was any better (or worse) than THIS.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years (who am I kidding…ONE THING????!!!! ha!) it’s that every body is different and never compare one to another as being better or worse…so, that being said, just because I looked a certain way before does not mean that the way I look now is any better or any worse…get where I’m going here? I have learned so much about myself through the practice of yoga and through my experience with food and lifestyle. I have gone through the gamut of eating and drinking and doing whatever I like when I like as well as being so over the top controlled about everything I did from food to sleep to yoga to when and where I went….sheesh, sounds exhausting, doesn’t it??!

So, here the deal…every day is a choice. A choice for you for how you want to be and how you want to feel and how you want to live in this life and in this world. You have the choice. If you make a choice that you don’t like then you get to make a different choice…but as long as you know that you have the choice then anything and everything you do is good and perfect and exactly the right thing.


Lifestyle, seasons, relationships, stress, hormones, age…these things are all a factor in what is happening in your body-physically and physiologically. Sometimes things will happen in your body that are out of your control (just wait, if it’s not happened to you yet, til you get a bit older and your hormones take over!!), and sometimes it is a direct relationship to your lifestyle (extra glass of wine here and there or a handful of this or that everyday can add up!). Again, you have the choice, you make the choice and as long as you know that, then you are in control of your own destiny….

I have so much more to say about this…about my own experience and path over the past years…but it’s not getting posted just now. I’m still working on it…just figuring out exactly what I have to share with you ;). It’s important to me because it’s been a HUUUUUUGE lesson for me, so I want to make sure I am saying what I feel I want to say.

For now, it’s time to go sit in the sun and soak up my vitamin D for the day.

Love yourself…I love you.
Ida xx

What if we all loved and wanted the best for eachother…?

Good sunny afternoon my lovelies!! I was just sitting outside in the sun (thank goodness!!) and was thinking about the class I taught this morning. I said something in class (that I’ve often said in class) that our body’s job 100% of the time is to heal and make us well and strong. Then I started thinking about what it would be like in this world and in this life if everyone was there to support and love eachother all the time…..seriously…if we all just loved eachother unconditionally and realised that we all have different points of view and different experiences that led us to where we are now and that even though we might not all have the same ways of being, we are all ONE and we are all here to LOVE EACHOTHER.

Can you imagine it?

Imagine if we all were HONEST with eachother about things…not because we want to hurt or disable others, but if our intention was to do no harm and to serve eachother, wouldn’t honesty be awesome? Then we could eliminate FEAR and live in TRUST…trust that we are safe to express ourselves and trust that we can love freely and completely.

Oh what a world it would be.

On that note…I am dragging myself away from my hot and sunny back deck and heading to take yoga class.

…one love

Sunshine is the best Vitamin D

Back in Victoria…overview for my next few posts…

Hello!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy. I know, I have this constant issue with being regular in my posts, but as you all know I am on the road often and often I don’t post when I’m on the road…I think I’ll try to get better at it though as it’s hard to re-kindle all the things I think or want to write about when I get home. Plus it becomes a lump sum of blog posts all at one time!

OK….so, I just got back from 3 weeks away. I started in Calgary for the Western Canada Hatha Yoga Competition. I had an amazing weekend there, the competition was amazing, I did a demo (first one in 3 years!), and I felt so in love with my community. I will write specifically about that weekend (and post the video!) soon.

Next I was off to LA to visit the teacher training at the Radisson LAX. I was there for week 6, which is later than I am usually at TT, but it was nice to be there at a time where it seems that most of the students (about 420 of them in this one!) are over the “hump” and beginning to feel the forward motion of what they are doing and going to do…teach!!

Then I was off to Truckee. My second home. I went to visit with Bestest and hang in the mountains for a couple weeks. The weather was beautiful (cept for the one day it DUMPED with snow…dumped for JUNE!!), we sat outside, we did lots of yoga, we made yummy food and generally got re-energized.

Then I was back to LA for the International Yoga Championships. Yup…here we go again. No, I did not compete and no I did not judge. I was there as a coach and spectator and support for the competitors if they needed it (french braid, anyone?)…as well as to visit and see so many friends I only get to see at events like this.

OK…, there is lots to cover, I will try to get to all of it through this week…I am in the process of building a new website so I have that to handle as well as the rest of my life that piled up while I was gone…

I am planning on being home for several weeks (or at least in the vicinity) so am hoping to pick up some classes to teach. I miss my Victoria yogis…hope to see you all soon.

Stay tuned, I’ve got some interesting things bubbling away in my blog brain…