Daily Archives: 04/18/2012

Groupon and Couvon and Living Social and Ethical Deal and…

Good morning!

Yesterday I was cruising through the internet and sifting through my email and deleting all the junk I get everyday…and I noticed that many of my emails are from companies offering me a “special deal” on various items and services from eyebrow waxing to oil changes to organic nut butters…and let’s not forget YOGA. So, I say to my friend, “wtf??!!”. Why, if all of these companies are willing to sell their wares at reduced prices, are we still paying for ANYTHING at the “regular” price…and what, really, IS a “regular” price?

Listen, I am not a huge fan of the mass marketed deal companies, but I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy a good “deal” from Vegan Cuts, Ethical Deal and on occasion Groupon. I have had a few doozies-things that I got that weren’t really such a good deal either because the company wasn’t what it was presented to be, or because the product wasn’t very good etc. However, that is the risk you take when buying anything really, especially when you buy things on-line. OK, here is my thought about what TO buy on these deal emails/websites…restaurants you are familiar with. I mean, how can you go wrong here, right? If you’ve been there, like it, and now have a deal for…? No brainer. Similarly, for a place you already frequent, such as a salon or spa. The first Groupon I bought was for an “express manicure and pedicure” for me and my sister and it was all we could do to get out of there without laughing ourselves into a seizure. (please take note, the place we went to is Queen Bee Nail Salon and I’ve seen them do more deal emails, so do your research before you buy for these types of places…).

OK…, so now onto my other thoughts…the never ending Groupon and SALE at the yoga studio(s). It seems that every time I turn around there is another email offering me a deal on yoga…and if there isn’t a deal from the email then there is a deal right at the studio. I don’t want to seem like a Scrooge here, and I get that I don’t have to pay for my yoga (now), and I am all about a deal as a great way for bringing people in (to ANY business) and getting new clients (students, etc) by giving them a free/cheap/no(t much) committment way of trying something new…but…I am sad that in our society now we so often will ONLY purchase things if they are on sale…is this true or am I making it up?

This is something that I learned from…oh, gee, maybe from What Not To Wear…don’t buy something on sale if you wouldn’t consider buying it at the regular price. Simple, right? Yup, when I am buying clothes I always keep that in my head…”would I buy this at the regular price?” and “do I love this at regular price and then love it that much more at the sale price?” and “am I only partly in love with this but it’s cheap so what the hay?”…you see where I’m going with this. I know it’s a bit different with a service (like yoga) but honestly, if I want to do something in my life I want to do it because that is the joy of life, WE HAVE THE CHOICE to do whatever we want…and it you really want to do something then money is not the object…happiness is…right?

That’s all. My (small) rant about sales. Don’t think that I don’t love a great sale (double negative, does that make sense?)…I DO love a great sale, and I am a really good sale shopper…but ask yourself what you truly want in your life and then you will start to manifest all of those things around you and you’ll find that they will be more accessible to you (whether that is monetarily or through convenience etc).

Manifest manifest manifest, my Pretties. You have the power!

K, gotta go to yoga…for free 😉