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Excuse me, but what time zone am I in anyhow?

Hello my puppies!

I just got back to Victoria from a fantastic trip away…I was in Athen, Georgia, and then in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The whole trip reminded me…once again…how blessed I am and how much I love what I do.

In Athens my friend Jolin is getting the community flexi and hot in a beautiful new Bikram Yoga Athens which she just opened last December. I first met Jolin last summer in Birmingham, Alabama, and am so happy I got to her studio last week! Not only is the studio gor-geous, but so full of love and possibility, it’s contagious. As the studio is so new, there were may new students there…many people who have just started practicing-several who practiced at other studios, but a good portion of them are just starting their Bikram practice. I love working with people who have a good handle on their bodies already, people who have been practicing for years, people who I can help with small details and adjustments…but honestly, there is nothing like the look in a person’s eye and the smile on a person’s face when he or she thinks she has no chance in ever doing something and together we find something new, surpass an old belief about herself and her body and capabilities…seriously, there is nothing like it.
The weekend was full and bursting with wonderful people and food and visiting and yoga and sunshine and and and and. Jolin even had a little bowl of raw treats and goodies beside my bed for me to snack on through the weekend…seriously adorable.

After I left Athens, I flew up to Winnipeg, MA for a week of classes and yogis and friends…all ending with judging the first Manitoba Hatha Yoga Competition.
Let me start by saying that I LOVE the Winnipeg Bikram community! I have been to Winnipeg two other times and always have such a great time there…in and out of the yoga room. To be honest, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the city, but a city is really made by the people in it…right?!
This trip I was staying with my friends, Amanda and Kevin. They own Stafford Street Hot Yoga. Not only do they run a tight ship, teaching fab true to form Bikram yoga, but they have a huge kitchen called Ume’s Kitchen and lounge area for yogis to hang out, eat good food and visit before and after classes. They make smoothies, teas and “love buns” on Fridays and Saturdays and on special occasions they bring in people to make delicious meals.

I came in to Winnipeg when I did mostly to get a chance to work a bit with some of the competitors. The competitors at SSHY had been working on their routines relentlessly for weeks every day before and after classes in the lobby of the studio. Everyone knew what they were doing, sometimes watched, sometimes stepped over them on the way to the changerooms…the competitors supported eachother, timed eachother and gave eachother feedback and corrections. What a cute group they were! I slid in, in the end, to provide a little bit of polishing for them, but they did so much work before I got there.

On Sunday we had a sold out house (the theatre sat 250 and apparently they had to turn away 75 people at the door!). What a great first go in Manitoba!!

And, besides all the yoga, I got to go to the Ten Spa! Its a beautiful new spa in the newly redone Fort Garry Hotel in dt Winnipeg. When you go, you must go early and sit in the steam room and shower in the mint mist and lounge in your fluffy white robe and eat treats and sip tea…seriously, a little vacation in the middle of your life at any time!

AND, I got to spend time with Amanda and Kevin and their amazing new boy, Eyvi. What a delight he is…there really is nothing like being with a small human to make you realize the wonder of the world!

Groupon and Couvon and Living Social and Ethical Deal and…

Good morning!

Yesterday I was cruising through the internet and sifting through my email and deleting all the junk I get everyday…and I noticed that many of my emails are from companies offering me a “special deal” on various items and services from eyebrow waxing to oil changes to organic nut butters…and let’s not forget YOGA. So, I say to my friend, “wtf??!!”. Why, if all of these companies are willing to sell their wares at reduced prices, are we still paying for ANYTHING at the “regular” price…and what, really, IS a “regular” price?

Listen, I am not a huge fan of the mass marketed deal companies, but I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy a good “deal” from Vegan Cuts, Ethical Deal and on occasion Groupon. I have had a few doozies-things that I got that weren’t really such a good deal either because the company wasn’t what it was presented to be, or because the product wasn’t very good etc. However, that is the risk you take when buying anything really, especially when you buy things on-line. OK, here is my thought about what TO buy on these deal emails/websites…restaurants you are familiar with. I mean, how can you go wrong here, right? If you’ve been there, like it, and now have a deal for…? No brainer. Similarly, for a place you already frequent, such as a salon or spa. The first Groupon I bought was for an “express manicure and pedicure” for me and my sister and it was all we could do to get out of there without laughing ourselves into a seizure. (please take note, the place we went to is Queen Bee Nail Salon and I’ve seen them do more deal emails, so do your research before you buy for these types of places…).

OK…, so now onto my other thoughts…the never ending Groupon and SALE at the yoga studio(s). It seems that every time I turn around there is another email offering me a deal on yoga…and if there isn’t a deal from the email then there is a deal right at the studio. I don’t want to seem like a Scrooge here, and I get that I don’t have to pay for my yoga (now), and I am all about a deal as a great way for bringing people in (to ANY business) and getting new clients (students, etc) by giving them a free/cheap/no(t much) committment way of trying something new…but…I am sad that in our society now we so often will ONLY purchase things if they are on sale…is this true or am I making it up?

This is something that I learned from…oh, gee, maybe from What Not To Wear…don’t buy something on sale if you wouldn’t consider buying it at the regular price. Simple, right? Yup, when I am buying clothes I always keep that in my head…”would I buy this at the regular price?” and “do I love this at regular price and then love it that much more at the sale price?” and “am I only partly in love with this but it’s cheap so what the hay?”…you see where I’m going with this. I know it’s a bit different with a service (like yoga) but honestly, if I want to do something in my life I want to do it because that is the joy of life, WE HAVE THE CHOICE to do whatever we want…and it you really want to do something then money is not the object…happiness is…right?

That’s all. My (small) rant about sales. Don’t think that I don’t love a great sale (double negative, does that make sense?)…I DO love a great sale, and I am a really good sale shopper…but ask yourself what you truly want in your life and then you will start to manifest all of those things around you and you’ll find that they will be more accessible to you (whether that is monetarily or through convenience etc).

Manifest manifest manifest, my Pretties. You have the power!

K, gotta go to yoga…for free 😉

Bodacious Bodies in Beautiful Bandeaus…a follow up

Hello my lovelies!! The SUN is shining after the weather man said it was going to be rainy and dreary and blech all week so I am (silently) singing up a storm this afternoon. (wow, did I get hit by the alliteration stick today or something?)

I wanted to give a shout out to my new friend, Kelly Wade, over at Heidi Hat. Kelly somehow connected to me through the ether and contacted me “out of the blue” the other day about bandeau tops….THEIR bandeau tops to be specific. She came across my post “Bikram ban of the bandeau…thoughts about appropriate yoga attire” and sent me a note. As it turns out I believe it was the very same day that I was actually wearing my Heidi Hat bandeau that she contacted me…see?…she connected through the ether!;)

I believe in my previous post I said that I do indeed enjoy a good bandeau top for myself, and went on to say that it depends on the brand and style…and led into how I pretty well adjust everything I wear in yoga regardless of what it is and what style it is just because either a) I have not found the perfect fitting thing for my body that I like, or b) the nature of what we do-moving and stretching-causes pretty well anything and everything to move slightly on the body, so an adjustment is necessary (I have something more to add to that regarding my time down in Mexico City, but I won’t get into it now…you’ll just have to wait for that one!).

SO, all that being said, I want to give a shout out to a couple brands that I DO quite like and tell you why I like them…and, depending on the time I have before running out to take class, I might cover a few others that don’t work for me but look super cute on other people’s bodies different from my own!

So, as I said, Kelly from Heidi Hat contacted me. I first became aware of Heidi Hat in 2007 when I was in Hawaii and saw my friend, Brandy, wearing some cute little shorts (I like them little!!)…turns out she was selling them so I got myself a pair! A couple years ago I was over in Vancouver and saw a couple girls wearing a super cute 2 colour twisted bandeau top and HAD to have one…turns out that was Heidi Hat as well! So, since that time I’ve been wearing my Heidi Hat bandeau often, both for teaching and for practicing and loving every minute of it. It is just the right size-it has enough room for me to be covered up while at the same time it looks good on the smaller chested girls as well. It is one colour on one side and other colour on the other side (mine is black and brown) but twisted at the back so you always see a bit of the opposite colour no matter what. Plus, the fabric is great, dries fast, so it’s great for me for travelling and drying my clothes in bathrooms and on hangers!

Check them out…they also have cute colourful patterns for shorts and skirts etc…question is: do they even have HATS??!! funny

I have a few bandeaus from Phat Buddha which I vacillate on. For the most part I like my sparkly ones-mainly because they are sparkly, and let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t like a bit of sparkle, especially in the yoga room??!! I do find, however, that they don’t have the *best* support in them, so some days I have to choose for something a little more substantial, especially when teaching and/or demonstrating.

I also like the Yogabela bandeau. They, too, have a twist in the back for a nice detail and always use nice bright colours and patterns. I like the yogabela ones because they are sturdy, double layered, and are a pretty good support.

When I teach I often wear Shakti…it’s become my favourite for teaching in (both capris and tops). The only Shakti top I wear these days is the Romantic Vest Top…I like it both in sold colours and in patterns (they fabric is different so they fit slightly differently). I just got myself 2 new ones when I was in Edmonton last week…a fab print with the word “love” printed all over it in different languages and a really pretty one with koi fish on it which I will be wearing this afternoon for the first time.

OK, lastly, I will talk about bottoms…these days I’m wearing either Tonic gather shorts, Shakti side string shorts, and now I have a couple pair from new Chikum from Vancouver-2 styles the sexy shorts and their version of a side string.

OH! I almost forgot…I have to give a shout out to ONZIE! My fav one piece leo to practice advanced (and sometimes beginners) class in!! I have all three styles of onzie but my favourite is the halter (any of you who know me and have practiced advanced with me over the past year know how I love my purple halter onzie!!). I just ordered a pair of their side string shorts as well…I just couldn’t resist the new scull pattern ;)(just as an aside, I do have a couple bandeaus from Onzie as well, but I use them mostly for under tanks and on the lake in the summer, etc…they are just a touch too short in the rise for me).

OK…I have to run off to class here pretty quick, but I will say this. You will have to try on a bunch of stuff and practice in several things before you find what you like and what works for you.If you see someone in class who has a similar body type to you, ask her what brand she is wearing and check it out. That is not to say that different bodies can’t wear the same styles, but you get what I’m saying. When you are trying something on, make sure to bend over, do a little half moon and backbend…see if it stays put…and, know that you might just buy a few things that don’t end up working for you afterall, but that is true for everything in life!

Happy shopping, yogis…believe me when I say this…when you have yoga clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in and ones that you LOVE…you will LOVE going to yoga and doing your practice SO much more…trust me!


Sun to Snow in 9 days flat

Good morning everyone! (I feel like it must at least be the late afternoon, alas it is still before noon here!). 

I just got home this morning from a fabulous trip to Edmonton (with a quickie trip through Red Deer and then Calgary). I had the opportunity to work at 2 studios in Edmonton (BYEdmonton and BYWest Edmonton) as well as took class at the newly opened BYEast Edmonton and had a visit at BY St. Albert. Whew!! 

I got to take several classes, teach several classes, work with competitors, give feedback to teachers, go for wonderful food, have great company, walk a bit, see some of the city, sit in the sun AND shiver in the snow…what a complete and well-rounded week! Honestly, I was surprised and impressed with Edmonton…the last time I was there (and really the only time I’ve been there-the only other time was when I was about 11 and there on an orchestra trip so all we did was play recitals and go to The Mall!), it was the SECOND COLDEST PLACE ON THE PLANET! (Siberia was the coldest!) So, needless to say, at minus -47 with the wind chill, I didn’t get up to much more than hiding out in the HOT yoga room!! But, this trip, the sun came out for the first half of the trip and I got to see more of the city…and see how it is quite the cute city in areas and can understand why people like it there! 

After the week of teaching and practicing, I was whisked off to Red Deer to judge the Second Annual Alberta Regional Hatha Yoga Championships. I judged this event last year as well. The competition was held at the same venue in downtown Red Deer and was hosted by BYRed Deer (but put on really by all of the studios in Alberta-what a great community event!). We had 30 competitors (Youth, Women and Men) and probably about 200 spectators. The even was well organized and attended and was a huge success as far as I’m concerned. One of my goals this year was to really promote the yoga competition within Canada and help to up the ante, as it were, with Canadian yogis all across the country. My friend, Brad (BYMetrotown) and I have been judging buddies this year and have judged 7 of the 9 competitions I have judged this season, and will be together again in 2 weeks for the FIRST Manitoba Regional (April 29th in Winnipeg). Whew!! That’s a lot of judging this year, but it’s all coming to fruition and our hope for Canada to have more yogis in the competitions is working! (Today is the Eastern Canada competition and May 19th is the Western Canada competition). 

So, after the competition, we headed down to Calgary and I flew home this morning from there. A fun filled week and now I am in my sweats and catching up on emails and blogging and…I will admit, watching a little tv ;). A travelling yogi’s gotta have some down time too!!


Me, Brad and some of the yogis from Red Deer at dinner post competition Saturday…”yogis eat too!”


Me, Pernille and Michael at BYEdmonton at the Sunday teachers meeting…me, of course, always with my hand on someone’s derriere! 


Pernnille, me, Nick and Marc at Noorish Restaurant in Edmonton-SUCH a great vegan and mostly raw restaurant with amazing food!


Not bad, not bad at all 😉

I have more to write about…but that is it for my Edmonton trip…home for a few days and then off into the wild yogi yonder again…

Hope to see you all soon, yogis.


Ida x