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Shout Out to Half Moon Pose

Hello Dearest(s)-
This morning in class I was in half moon pose and had the thought that I wanted to write a bit about it here.

Half moon pose is the pose that takes the brunt of (almost) everyone’s displeasure and discomfort. Poor half moon pose. It should be revered and celebrated as the best way to warm up and wake up and get ready! Alas, it is just the first posture that hurts and is way too long and never gets any better.
Nope. Not right at all.
Half moon pose is this powerful and cheeky posture that, if you just commit yourself to and just give yourself over to, will change your life. Ŵell, change your practice for sure…so eventually also your life. If and when you give yourself over to working hard, as hard as you can, in half moon then the…well, the gods and goddesses will chase you!!
You know in the posture how you hear the teacher say “push your hips, BEYOND YOUR FLEXIBILITY”? You have to push and stretch further to create movement and change. I see so many people not getting the maximum benefit from this posture. When you look at yourself in the mirror you should start to see a bend and stretch along side the body…from fingers to toes…bones to skin. Bikram, when he talks about half moon, he always emphasizes that you are stretching BONES TO SKIN…it’s the SPINE that is stretching and lengthening and extending. You are stretching inside to the outside…

I know, I know, this might not make any more sense to you reading it here than it makes when you are in class…but take a moment to think about it and then next time you are in class, make sure you can see yourself in the mirror In half moon, have a look at yourself and connect the words you hear to what you see and what you feel…just try it…you might like it 😉

Half Moon Pose, stretching bones to skin