Daily Archives: 12/28/2011

Cupcakes are my new favourite experiment…

OK…I bought this e-book online from a Groupon type thing (ethicalDeal, I think)…it was two books by Natalia KW…you can find more info and the books to download here  ) because it was a raw book for raw cupcakes. I’ve had this coconut flour that I’ve been wanting to use but didn’t know what to do with it and along came this e-book with several recipes using coconut flour! Perfection.

I’ve made 3 different flavours of cupcakes. They all have the same basic base for the cupcake and icing but with different additions to change the flavour and theme. So far I’ve made basic vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, then I made mini strawberry cupcakes with honey ginger icing…and the most recent was the mini chocolate cupcakes with mint icing…super yum.

The texture of these cupcakes is so amazing…the coconut flour is so porous that it soaks up the liquid of the other ingredients so it’s dense enough to have body but not dry…and it’s not all full of nuts. I actually think that these are the *healthiest* raw dessert I’ve ever made. I’m so excited by these and so excited by the range of flavours that I can make. SO fun!

Here’s the mini chocolate cups with mint icing:

You have to experience it for yourself to make your own choice…

Good evening, Yogis…

Tonight I taught a class and saw one of my favourite yogis there…this yogi did a personal 365 day challenge last year (January 1-December 31, 2010), and then didn’t come for almost all of 2011. She tried many other kinds of yoga during the past year, practiced often and experienced what she felt in the other classes…but didn’t do Bikram. However, she came back to the Bikram practice because she really likes it and likes the way she feels…but she had to try it all in order to find that out!

Did you get that the first time…SHE HAD TO TRY IT ALL IN ORDER TO FIND THAT OUT!! The only way you can really know what YOU like is if YOU TRY things and experience them for YOURSELF!!! I can wax poetic about the benefits of Bikram yoga and I can tell you how my life has changed and I can regale you with the thousands of stories I’ve heard from thousands of students…but you won’t really know how it is for you until you experience it for yourself. And, I mean, REALLY experience it…now, I’m not saying you have to do a 365 day challenge, but you need to give it a try in ernest and feel what you feel and then pick your choice.

That’s all…I was so inspired to see her and her knowledge of herself to choose to do different styles of yoga and listen to herself to know what she likes and how she feels. I was so inspired to see you ALL tonight in class…see you all tomorrow 😉