She’s Got Such a Long Neck

Good afternoon, my pretties. I am sitting in my bed in the middle of the afternoon because it is pouring rain outside and I am not feeling the least bit inspired to go out there into it! So, here I sit, getting stuff done that I’ve been putting off and enjoying a quiet afternoon…this time of the year can be so energized that it’s nice to have the day “off”. Even for a girl like me, who subscribes to low key holiday celebrations, the amount of energy floating in the atmosphere can be overwhelming…well, to me it is…and it finally caught up with me lastnight. So…I took class this morning but have given myself today to chill.

Now, on to my neck post…it’s really kind of a query that I had this morning in class. I was in Pranayama Breathing and was hearing the teacher say the dialogue…”push your head back all the way, your neck should hurt a little…”. It reminded me of the conversation I had with someone the other day in which she said that she hears the teacher tell her to look at the wall behind her but when she pushes her head back that much she can’t breathe from the pressure on the front of her neck….huh, really? You see, this is why I have been teaching for the length of time that I have been…there is never a dull moment with this practice!! I told her that she should push her head back until she feels it in her neck but not as much as to stop her breathing…counter-intuitive to the breathing exercise, yes? So, today in class I was thinking about it more and wondering if how far a person can see back and push the head back is directly related to the length of his or her neck…

When I was in university I was in a play (I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting). My grandmother came to see the play one night and in the middle of a scene I hear (as does everyone else in the theatre and on stage), “she has such a long neck” in a decidedly loud “stage whisper”! I was mortified at the time because I knew it was my grandmother…now of course I would love to hear her say something like that to me. I digress…

So, I know that proportion wise I have a good body for yoga. My waist is pretty well in the center of my body and my limbs are in proportion to everything else. My neck doesn’t seem extra long to me, but I am able to bend my neck and drop my head back quite far…in fact, often further than many people…so, the question is, is the length of the neck directly related to the amount of the wall one can see behind her?

This is my answer….I don’t look at the wall!!! haha. Yup, it’s true. The dialogue instruction is used as a guide, TRY to see the wall behind you…if you are trying then you are moving in the right direction and therefore getting the benefits!


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