Just Leave Them Alone…

Good evening, Everyone. I think about you often, even though I haven’t been posting!!

This morning I was thinking about the End Of The Year…yup, the END of 2011. Seriously? Where did it go…?! Well, for me, it went to travelling more than I have EVER this year, seeing more studios and meeting more yogis than ever. What a year, what a year. Thank you to all of the people I met this year, all of the students, teachers and yogis who made me feel so welcome at your studio…I truly feel blessed for my fortune this year.

So, that being said, sap out of the way, I want to share what I was pondering and musing about this morning before I went to teach class (which, by the way, was a fabulous room of 52 sweatties who made my day!)…

You know how when you first start practicing (this) yoga, you suddenly want to scream it from the tallest mountain and drag everyone you know into the room to try it? I remember when I first started practicing I was working at a restaurant in Vancouver and it was all I could do to get to my tables because I was so busy telling everyone about sweating from my elbows in class that morning. So, we all do it, we all wax poetic about the benefits, the sweat, the heat, the struggle…and eventually (or in the future) the euphoria and bliss of the practice…and how we all say “you just HAVE TO TRY THIS YOGA WITH ME” to everyone we know, meet or encounter on the street. Eventually we start to realise that not everyone is overly excited by the endorsement we give it…the sound of a hot humid room with people crammed in like sardines all sweating and breathing and wearing next to nothing isn’t attractive to all people (they clearly aren’t understanding what we are describing, if they could just experience it for themselves, then they would truly understand 😉 ). So, sometimes we let it go, stop pestering people…sometimes we keep on them until they finally have to just say to us, “listen, I’m NOT going to that yoga place you go to…ever…so you can stop bugging me about it” or, “you know, just because you like it, doesn’t mean I have to like it”…or something like that. So, we let it go, but secretly still want them to try it, we continue to imagine all the things that would feel better from yoga, how all the complaining they do about this that and the other thing could be alleviated if they just came to class…we think about how great it would be to have a yoga buddy, someone to share stories with and how we’d support eachother on the 30 day challenge. 

Then…one day…(seemingly) out of the blue…your loved one/sister/child/besty says to you, “I think I’ll come with you to yoga today”…and, after you pick your jaw up off the floor, you smile, and casually go get one of your micro fiber towels from the cupboard, and the spare mat you have in your car, and fill up the water bottle you bought specially for this occasion and dump and extra EmergenC into it for good measure…and do a silent cheer as soon as you are out of sight. No sense in making a big deal out of it!!

OK, so the moral of the story here is, inspire the people around you through who you are being rather than trying to convince people of something. Actually, to quote a goody from Ghandi, “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World”…really sums it up, huh?! If there is one thing I’ve realised about this life (really, Ida, only ONE???) it’s that people will do what they need to do when they need to do it. Just leave them alone.

Yup, just leave them alone. We all figure it out eventually. You can be inspiring through who you are and when they are ready they will want to know more about what you are doing to create the person who you are. 

That is (one of my) end of the year messages. I’m sure I”ll come up with a few more before this weekend…

I have a picture or two to post, so I’ll get to that as well…just to share a few of the things I’ve been up to over the past little while.

Love to you all, hope you’re all having a fab holiday season.



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