Dear Spine Series…I love you

Good afternoon, Yogis! Yesterday we had a staff meeting to talk about yoga related things and the topic was the Spine Strengthening Series of postures (Cobra, Locust, Full Locust and Bow Pose). So, this morning while I was practicing, I was particularly focussed on listening to the dialogue and relating it to my body and really trying to do the postures correctly (haha, are you now thinking, “what, she doesn’t always do the postures correctly??!!). The information that we discussed yesterday wasn’t new information, but it was a collaboration from everyone of all the different little tidbits we’ve all gained over the years of teaching and learning.

So, there I was, in the postures, finding myself so focussed on the postures themselves that I realised after I was finished that I was actually meditating during these short postures. Which then made me realise that for the most part, during these short but sassy postures, my brain has the tendency to over-think, over-complain and over-indulge in thoughts that are not of service to me at that time. And, as I was focussed so much on the posture, on my body in the postures and working hard in the postures, when I relaxed in Savasana, I did not feel worn out but rather I felt re-energized. Huh, how about that…I worked harder and got more energy.

Ah-mazing! 😉 Thank you, Spine Series, you are forever in my heart.



Kris Paxton...I think she thought she didn't do this one very well...silly Kris




I love a room full of yogis doing Full Locust!


Bow in the sun


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