Quickie update…

Ok, here we go…I’m on the road, so I’m on the ipad, so you know can’t see what I’m typing (by the way,if anyone knows hot to make it work better, let me know!)…so, this post will be short.
I’ve been having such a great summer, doing a ton of yoga and enjoying so many new cities and studios and yoga communities!
I was in Birmingham, Alabama and that was fun, so good to visit a new studio (4 months) and see a new community grow. Then I was in Dallas at Bikram Yoga Richardson…a studio with a huge flare and energy! Then I went to Austin…what cani say about Austin…..I kind of love it there! Such a fun city, a great yoga community…the vibe is super up my alley. Did you know that there are 111 places to do yoga in Austin? Seriously.
Then to San Antonio for a few days. A great visit with Lisa and Lynn, and the SA crew.
I’m currently in Santa Cruz….it’s a mini vacay with my Besty and her family. We head back to Truckee/Tahoe tomorrow. Truckee is my other home, so it’s great to be around there for a bit.m
Next weekend I’m in Phoenix. Whew. What a trip!
Y’all, wake surfing, ping pong, advanced class like crazy, Yogasm in the oRt, bowling, Mexican food (maybe too much Mexican food!)…..it really has been a wonderful summer. I’ve had it packed full of lots and lots of yoga, but also found a wonderful balance of doing fun stuff outside the yoga studio and the balance feels wonderful.

Ok, I just read through this post and there are a few crazies…things that don’t make any sense! Haha.I can’t fix them, so good luck with that.
Peace out, kittens, I’ll post a good one when I’m at a computer….
Now, GO PLAY OUTSIDE…and, do some yoga 😉

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