Oh, Vancouver, how do love Thee…

I’m just sitting on the ferry headed back to the Island from a great weekend in Vancouver. Not only did I get to see so many yogis-old and new- at BYCommercial Drive, but I got to visit wi my dad and step-mom and my dear friend, Scott.
For those of you who don’t know me ( or don’t know me for long), I used to live in Vancouver…for about 8 or 9 years…so I have a deep love for the city…my time there was over very formative years of my life. When I started teaching yoga is when I left. I love that the yoga community there is so widespread and tight (is that an oxy moron?). I love that the city has so much diversity to it…from where to eat to where to shop to where to live to where to hang out…you get the idea.
Pretty well every time I go away and visit new studios I get super inspired and excited about what I do as well as what other people are doing and creating in this community that I belong. It’s so fun for me to get to do yoga (one of my favourite things to do) with people who love it to. What a dream job!! Added to that I get to visit and get my tank filled with family and old friends…dies it get any better than that? Not sure it does.

So, I’m on the iPad again, so again I’m writing a “ghost post” in which I can’t see what I’m writing, so I’m going to leave this one right there…and hope it’s readable and haven’t had too many auto-correct debacles!
So, if you’re travelling or passing thy rough Vancouver, try to get a class in at the Ccommercial drive studio. It’s beautiful, hot, humid, and full of amazing yogis.
Oh, Vancouver, you have my heart.

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