Kitchener Waterloo…hello, how are you?

Well, how are you my lovelies?
I have to pre-cursor this post by saying that I’m writing it on my (new!) iPad, and I seem to be having a *small* technical error…or perhaps not an error, but a little curious thing…I’m writing (typing with my fingers…2 index fingers), but the letters aren’t appearing on the screen. The cursor is moving but the letters aren’t appearing….so I really have no idea what is actually typing…it’s lime typing in a ghost town or something .

All that being said, I will keep this short so as not to make it too weird…for myself.
I just arrived at the Bikram Yoga Kitchener Waterloo studio with the owner, David. …oops, got distracted, wonder where I was…never mind. So, I’m here for the next few days. Got classes and a seminar and it seems some socialising as well! aND…it’s SUMMER here!!! Thank goodness!! In fact, I’m currently sitting here, in the lobby, sweating. Just thinking about yoga, watching a yoga class, I’m sweating. Funny.

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