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I might have to boycott fireworks…but they sure are pretty


Lastnight I went to the Butchart Gardens with my family. My sister in law works there, in the dining room, so my mom and my brother and I went for dinner, she joined us for dessert, and then we all watched the fireworks show together after. If you’ve not been to Butchart Gardens before, it’s quite amazing. Honestly, before Ksenia started working there, I cannot actually remember going there…I”m sure I have been there before, but clearly not for many years. As a lifetime Victoria resident, it’s one of those “tourist in your own town” things that I just never did. And, it’s funny, because no matter where I travel in the world, when I tell people I’m from Victoria, BC Canada, they inevitably say, “OH! Butchart Gardents!!”…yes, that’s the place. So, it was good to get there and see what all the fuss is about! (The last time I went there it was at Christmas time and we toured the grounds, but it was mostly light displays and not many flowers…being winter and all). This time of year is AMAZING to go to the Gardens. There are sooooo many flowers, it’s really quite amazing. I’m guessing that the gardening staff have to start working veeeeeery early in the mornings to make sure everything is super duper manicured before the gates open at 9am everyday. If you’re a flower fan, actually even if you’re not, you really need to make a trip out there to see it…it’s truly beautiful.

OK, so the fireworks…in the summer, for 10 Saturday nights, there is a fireworks show. Now, listen, I used to work at the Boathouse restaurant in English Bay (Vancouver), and we hosted the Symphony of Fire for many years (a fireworks “competition” of sorts where 5-I think it was 5-countries compete for the best fireworks display. So, I’ve seen a-lot of fireworks), so my fireworks knowledge is pretty good…but this show at the Butchart Gardens is something of a whole other realm. As a kid we used to watch the fireworks at Butchart from behind the property on our boat in Todd Inlet. I never realised that there was so much more to the show than just the lights you could see in the sky. This thing was off the hook! It was about 20 minutes long and kept you gawking the whole time. They do fireworks every Saturday in the summer-10 weeks- and that’s IT. They have 10 different shows that they do, each a little different with a different theme. The grounds of the place are swarming with people, some have lawn chairs, some blankets…some have a whole picnic and/or take out they brought. People get there super early to stake out their territory. We put our blanket down and then went to have dinner, so that when we returned to the fireworks area we were all set up already.

I can’t explain the show-nor do I really want to-but all I can say is that if you’re into fireworks (actually, even if you’re not) then you should try to make an effort to go out there for a fireworks Saturday night date.

All that being said…I think I need to now boycott fireworks. I’ve seen a fireworks display now twice in the past (little over a) week. (Canada day and the Gardens). It’s pretty and all (and, yes, I did find myself clapping and “oohing and awe-ing” on occasion), but I couldn’t help be slightly suffocated by the visual of all the smoke billowing into the air…and the thought of how much it costs to put on a show like that.  So, I might have to start boycottng fireworks to take a stand. Haha, MY STAND!!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress (the boyott, I mean!).

My mom and I-hipstamitic

We were getting a bit restless waiting for the show to begin…so I started playing with my mom’s iPhone.

Isn’t my mom and hottie?!