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Raw Pesto Fettuccine…

Yes, that’s right…this post is about FOOD not yoga! Although, I do have a few things to say about yoga…however, I will save them for a later time. This one is about some yummy rawness from tonight’s dinner.

Raw Pesto Fettuccine

So, this afternoon I whipped up some raw pesto so that it would be ready for me tonight to have for dinner. I’ve been meaning to make it for several days now, but it seems that when I get home at night it’s all I can do to tear some lettuce and chop up some veggies for a salad…so, I had some time this afternoon and put it to good use.

Raw Pesto:

*one head of spinach~washed and spun (in the spinner, of course)

*a large bunch of fresh basil (I had one of those little basil plants that you can buy at the store and I used all of the mature leaves that were on it-maybe, oh, a cup…?)

*hemp seeds (probably about 1/4 cup or so) and Pine nuts (about 3-4 TBS)

*Extra virgin olive oil (enough to make it the right consistency for your liking…maybe a few TBS ish)

(as you can see, I don’t really measure anything when I’m *cooking*, I just kind of go with the flow…so, feel free to experiment and adjust to your tastebuds!)

I used a small food processor (and, when I say *small*, I mean it’s really designed for small loads…next time I would use the bigger food processor…I have also used the Vitamix for making pesto, but sometimes I find that the Vitamix is almost TOO much machine for this job-it makes the consistency of the pesto much smoother) to chop the spinach-small amounts at a time, until it was all finely chopped in the processor bowl. I then added some hemp seeds and some pine nuts and a drizle of olive oil…chop and blend, baby. Then I added a bit more of all of those things and also added the BASIL leaves! Chop away until blended…I then added a bit more olive oil and some celtic sea salt and ground black pepper until I liked the flavour and consistency…voila!

I used my spiral slicer ( I just searched for nearly 1/2 hour to find a picture of the one I used, but to no avail…there are a few different types out there-just head to a kitchen store and they’ll probably have one of the kinds for spiralizing veggies into “noodles” or nice thin slices. You can always use a mandoline-watch your knuckes!-or even a vegetable peeler…slice into long strips and slice into noodles if you choose) to make fettuccine noodles. I think soaked them for about 10 minutes in warm/hot-ish water to soften them up even so sightly. Then I put them in a bowl with a few TBS of the pesto and coated it all over.

Serve in a bow. I also added chopped avocado and a few delicious raw black olives, a little more celtic sea salt, black pepper and a spirnkling of Cayenne for kick(s)!***

***it would probably be good with a little garlic in there as well.

***and maybe a little squeeze of lemon…just for kicks. 😉