should I stay or should I go…?

Hello my Yogis~

I’ve been back at home (in Victoria) for a week now, but not fully functioning as I’m used to. I “suffered” an “injury” last week and have been laying low while I “recover” from it. Now…you may be thinking, “what is with all the quotation marks today”?…you see, Yogis, I don’t like to think of anything as a “set-back” or an “injury” or anything like that…I like to think that if something is going to change (ie, a pain, a stoppage in the body/mind, a posture, etc) then SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. So, this was/is merely an opportunity for something to change. Needless to say, I’ve had a good lesson in slowing down (perhaps stopping?!), especially now that I am back to the yoga room…speaking of which…

I often get the question about injuries and whether or not to continue practicing through it/with it, or whether to take a break, etc. I think it’s one of the hardest questions I get as a teacher (there’s a chance that I quoted a different question as one of the hardest questions…so add this to the list!). There is NO RIGHT ANSWER to this question! Helpful, I know.  The thing I’ve learned about my yoga practice is that there are no answers that work for every person. Yes, mostly I tell people who come to me with a “thing going on” to take it easy and go slow and go for form not depth…however, sometimes you/me/we need a break. Sometimes I know that if I’ve “got something going on” with a part of my body that I need to keep going to yoga, working through said “thing” and that the rest of me needs to keep practicing (body mind soul)…and, other times, as I’ve learned, I need to take a break from it all together. It’s really a matter of being connected to your own body and person and then you have to asses how you are feeling and what is “right” for you! Because you are the only one who is in your body and can actually feel what is happening in there, there’s no way for me to really know how to answer your query. So, for me, it’s been a matter of time and practice. Oh, and PATIENCE. Yup, a good old dose of patience and generosity with myself. Listen, if you were “some place” in your practice and you had something shift and now you feel like you’re set back or worse or whatever you feel about yourself and your practice, just take a breath and chill out. I know, it’s not always that easy…but you have to remember that this is a HEALING PRACTICE and we are not in it to make ourselves feel worse or whatnot…yes, you will feel uncomfortable, and at times you will feel some pain sensation (that is a post I will write later!), but for the most part, this practice should be making you feel better, more energized, more limber…and whatever else it is making you feel!

Anyhow, in the mean time, ice heat ice heat ice heat and woodlock oil! And take it easy, honey.

Chinese Woodlock oil

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