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End of TT, Yoga Comp, Advanced Seminar, oh my!

Hey Yogis~

I’m still in LA…just finishing up my visit here. I fly home Friday.

I was here for the end of Teacher Training (week 9). It was a great week to be here, all the “work” was done and the days (and nights!) were filled with amazing lectures…and yoga classes of course.

Last weekend was the International Yoga Championships . This year I served only as a coach, not a judge or a competitor, so was able to be there for the competitors and enjoy watching the event. And what an event it was!! I think Bikram said there were 33 countries represented this year! Saturday everyone competed and Sunday was the finals (top 10 men and women) and the youth division.

Joseph Encinia from USA won the wen’s division, and Yukari Miwa won the women’s. They were both absolutely stunning. They have both competed before-Joseph for 4 or maybe 5 years and Yukari for a few as well. There was plenty of “upset” on the first day of the comp. Many of the people who were thought to place high had problems with balance or timing and didn’t finish where they had expected…..oh, Expectation, why must you be such a good lesson? (I had many conversations with unset competitors about expectation and attachment…lessons that I had to learn in my years of competing!).

Monday started the Advanced Seminar. So…this week has been beginner’s class followed by advanced class..followed by anything and everything I could get my hands on to drink and then eat!!

I fly home Friday and am looking forward to sleeping in my bed…for a few days anyhow…

International Champions 2011