Alberta is getting HOT!

It’s Sunday night and I’m just finishing my weekend here in Calgary. I came in on Thursday night for the first Annual Alberta Regional Hatha Yoga Competition and a Seminar at the Bikram Yoga Calgary Northwest studio. It was a fuuuullll weekend!

7 Studios put on the competition, held in Red Deer. There were about 26 competitors (I lost count!), including 3 youth. They did such a great job of putting on the event! I was so pleased to be a part of the start of something so inspirational (and, close to my heart) here in Alberta. One of my goals for this year is to help promote the yoga competition and inspire people to be involved. They really blew the doors off the whole thing for their first year!

Competitors of the Alberta Regional

Today I did a seminar at the Northwest studio (there are 3 Bikram studios here in Calgary). What a great group of people I got to hang out with today! They were eager and attentive and really made me happy to do the job I do 🙂

So, tomorrow I head back to LA for the final week of teacher training. Graduation is on Friday. Saturday and Sunday is the International Yoga Competition and the Monday begins the advanced seminar…whew! So much to do in this world!

OK, gotta go… this yogi is ti-red!


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