I might not know you (yet), but I CAN see you…

Good evening, everyone~

The past little while I’ve been thinking more and more about what brings people into the yoga room…and, of course, what keeps them coming back. I started teaching 8 years ago. My first class was here in Victoria at the original Bikram studio on Fort St. I taught on a Saturday morning, 10am, a busy class every week. I don’t remember much about the class, other than it was full, I was excited and nervous, I had several teachers in the class, as well as my mom. I remember fogetting the second set of head to knee pose with stretching pose because one of the students (a naughty cow teacher) had to leave so decided to do spine twist while I was (supposed to be) teaching 2nd set (I WAS running a bit over, but it was my first class!). Anyhow, the biggest thing that strikes me between then and now (and, believe me, there are lots of differences between then and now) is that all I could do back then was get the words out and try to see the people in front of me…and now…

Now, after teaching countless number of classes to thousands of people around the world in several studios, I realise that even though I might not know you yet, I can see you there.

One of the most memorable things I’ve heard Bikram say is this, “I can tell everything about a person in Pranayama breathing”. Really, I said to myself…”REALLY???” And now, after 8 years of teaching this practice, I can see what he means. I may not know everything about you from your pranayama breathing…nor do I know everything about you in 90 minutes…but I DO know a lot about you. How we do one thing is really how we do everything, don’t you think? How a person practices yoga, how he or she is in the yoga room, is really how he or she is in LIFE…..ugh, is that a scary thought to you? Haha, don’t worry, we’ve seen it ALL.

Many people think that they will get bored if they do the “same yoga” every day..but we know that it’s not the SAME…don’t we 😉 We know that everyday is different in that room and we rely on the comfort of the routine to get us through whatever it is that we are dealing with in any given day-whether it be physical, mental or emotional stuff we are going through. As a teacher, I’ve realised that some days my students need more talking, more encouragement, and some days they need more silence. The only way to know what they need is to teach them…to be with them…to SEE them.

I’ve seen struggle in people as well as surrender. I’ve seen happiness and joy as well as frustration and anger. It’s all there, it all comes up (sooner or later)…and the good thing about it is, once it comes up, it then passes…how wonderful.

So, you see, my yogi friends, I may not “know” you, but everyday that you put your toes and heels together I CAN see you, a part of you, a glimpse into you, a sign of part of who you are.

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