Parksville, anyone?

I went up to Parksville on Friday to visit my cousin. She just opened a new boutique store in the downtown and I needed to check it out and have a visit….wowee, what a store! She and her business partner, Alexis, specialize in finding brands that are Canadian designers and/or made locally, are environmentally friendly, and just plain ca-ute!

Both of the owners come from a background of crafting and markets. Shirra (my cousin) had a previous company in which she made metal art (she founded Shining Sun Garden Works). She sold that company for a life and career in something lighter!! She got into upcycling and screenprinting, and Supercraftstar was born. Alexis was also a market dweller and seller. Her specialty is one of a kind feather headbands and earrings, felted accessories, and other assorted accoutrements. The girls offer workshops at the store (there is a workshop space at the back) for groups of 4+ to come in and learn how to craft with the best of them (workshops can be upccyling t-shirts, circle scarves, bags, accessories, screenprinting…).

Alexis and Shirra of Wilde and Sparrow

The store is called Wilde and Sparrow. If you are up in Parksville, I highly recommend stopping by for a visit. During the time that I was there, all the people who came in had the same comment…”FINALLY, a good place to shop in Parksville!”…so, things are looking up! They don’t have any goats on the roof, but maybe you’ll like it there! I got soooo many great things while I was there…I had to leave just so I’d stop shopping!!!

Crafting workshop Friday night...there I am in the background too!



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