Punta Serena Mexico

Ok, so…I did a yoga vacation (www.hotyogavacations.com) just outside of Manzanillo (Pacific coast of Mexico) a couple of weeks ago. I would highly recommend this vacation, and not just because I was there!! 🙂

The resort (and I hesitate to say “resort” just because it was so secluded and quiet) we stayed at is called Punta Serena. It is just north of Manzinillo and about 3 hours drive south of Puerta Vallarta. This place is ah-maze-ing. It over looks the beautiful Tenacatita Bay. Every day we were there we saw dolphins swimming in the bay. One day we went on a boat cruise to go snorkelling and saw so many dolphins it would make your head spin. There was something so amazing and magical about seeing these animals in their wild habitat…they were so playful with us/the boat. We stopped several times and jumped in the ocean from the boat, but I wasn’t able to catch a fin and go for a ride. I was mezmerized at how smart these animals appeared to be. It was truly one of the best days ever.

The vacation was a perfect vacation (if you ask me!). It was designed to give people an optimum yoga experience (2 classes/day taught by yours truly or by Bruce-the organizer and brain behind the vacation). I also did 3 hour long posture clinic in the week in which I went over several of the postures in the beginner’s series, as well as answered questions and helped with postures. There were only 13 of us total (including Bruce and myself) but it was the perfect size (isn’t that always the way?). They were all Amercians, 1/2 from the East coast/New York, and the other half from around-mostly the US-but 2 Canadians (including me!) and one woman from Finland. So, we were a motly crew, but so well suited to be together for this week.

Our days consisted of yoga at 830am, followed with fresh fruit/juice and a dip in the pool. Then breakfast, the free time (most of my free time was spent lazing about the pool). The afternoon class was at 5pm-and then again followed by fruit/juice (the hotel staff was amazing about being there right when we got out of class with these beautiful platters of papaya or mango or cantaloupe, etc). We all seemed to convene on the lower deck for the sunset and chat and then headed up to the dining room for dinner.

Seriously? Does it get any better? The reason I really liked the idea of this trip in the first place was because it’s a vacation rather than a retreat. We offered 2 classes/day but people weren’t required to take them both (although, many did!). The posture clinics were also optional, but everyone attended (why not??!). There was so much time in the days, in the week, that people were free to do what they wanted-massage, walk the beach, lie by the pool, go into town, etc. This place was so amazing, though, that it was hard to leave.

There will be 2 more retreats this year; October 1-8 and December 3rd-10th. Get more infomation at www.hotyogavacations.com or www.bikramyoga.bz Tell Bruce that I sent ya!

Bruce and I demonstrating salutes to gods and goddesses


Temezcal-Mexican sweat lodge, preparation







3 responses to “Punta Serena Mexico

  • Jean

    I went to the first yoga retreat (“Yoga Bliss”) in Oct. 2010. I am vegan and after emailing Bruce Kessler (the organizer) 3 TIMES and being promised that my dietary needs would be accommodated, all I had to eat the entire time was toast, fruit and salad (he showed up with soy milk the second to the last day we were there; I would have given anything to have had some earlier!) Needless to say it was very disappointing and poorly handled. How did you manage with a raw diet? Jean

    • yogagyrl

      Hey Jean~
      I can understand your frustration! I decided that the week would simply be an exercise in simplicity with my diet. I, too, ate lots of fruit and salad (which, in reality, is what I eat a lot of anyhow!!). I figured I would just need to bring a few snacks with me next time, so supplement my eating-I travel a lot and find that this is what I do anyhow, as I never know what there will be available for me to eat.
      Thank you for your feedback, though. I am going to go back in October, so I’ll have a chat with Bruce and see if there is something we can do to make it more comfortable (and the food more interesting!) for other future guests….
      On another note, I did start making my own creations by the end of the week….for breakfast I was asking them for avocado and tomato and spinach and rolling it all together in a soft corn tortilla…It just took me a few days to get to know what they had in the kitchen and therefore what they could get for me!!

  • SunSandYoga…dreamy… « Ida Ripley

    […] I went on a yoga vacation (when I say “went on” I mean I was teaching there but it was so wonderful to be there, teaching was so not even work!!) last spring (2011) just outside Manzanillo, Mx. The location is AH-MAZING and the resort is clean comfortable quiet beautiful…it is called the Punta Serena resort overlooking a beautiful bay called Tenacatita Bay. I wrote a post about it here on my blog […]

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