I’m back! AND I have sooo much to tell you…

Hello! I have the feeling that this is how this site is going to shape up…I’ll be writing on it a whole bunch and then won’t be for a while. With all the travelling (I’m Canadian, I’m allowed to spell it like that!) I do, the internet use can be sporadic at best, so I’ll just have to write a bunch of catch up posts this week while I’m home.

So…let’s see, where to start. I think I’ll start with tonight. Tonight I watched the Canucks win over the Bruins. What a game! I watched it at home with my bro. He has been a Canucks fan for 30 years (they played their first game in the league 3 days before he was born, October 8th, 1970!), so it can get pretty crazy around here at game time. I borrowed my nephew’s jersey and hat and we watched all suited up, yelling at the tv, hooting and hollering the whole time.

It was interesting for me as I’m not actually a hockey fan. The last time I watched this many games in a season was in 1994-the last time the Canucks were in the finals (I was living with a house full of boys at the time, so the hockey was a big priority). I really don’t care for watching any sports and at the same time I could watch any sport and have a good time….it all depends on the company I keep. Having my brother a die hard fan to watch the game with really makes it fun…and I get all caught up in the nostalgia of it. Seriously, you shoulda seen us when Raffi scored the goal with 19 seconds left in the 3rd period…you would have thought we’d won the lotto!

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