Winnipeg, Yoga, Twig Tea, Green Juice and sweaty yogis

Hello, Lovelies~

I just got back from a FABULOUS weekend in Winnipeg at Stafford Street hot Yoga. Amanda and Kevin are wonderful. They’re running a skookum Bikram studio. It’s hot and humid and full of wonderful yogis who are serious about their yoga! The studio is huge and beautiful. The hot room itself is 3 rows deep and several people across…so, everyone can see in the mirror! they have CARPET and LINES..and, oh how it made me happy to say, “toes together on the line”!!!

They have big clean changerooms with all amenities, and the structure is in place for a…wait for it…STEAM ROOM!! Can’t wait to go back and visit when that’s up and running!

They’ve also included a big commercial kitchen and “cafe” area called “Ume’s Kitchen”. For this past weekend, they brought in Amanda (same name diff person) of Orange Lily Raw Food and Catering, so we were supplied with fresh green juices, smoothies and all sorts of yummy raw food and desserts! A weekend of yogis and raw food…doesn’t get much better than that!

Amanda (of the yoga studio, not the raw food) is also a nutritionist and reflexologist, and is very much into macrobiotics. She is like a little brew master, brewing up teas and potions. I enjoyed delicious blends of twigs and herbs and am super inspired to make some blends here at home…tomorrow I’m going to head down to Simple Remedies to get some herbs.

So, I feel inspired and energized by the weekend. I love being able to go to new studios and meet communities that are thriving and coming together to inspire eachother! It’s so amazing to meet so many yogis all over the globe.

Home this week and then off to teacher training on the weekend…then to Mexico for the 7 Days of Hot Yoga Bliss! I’ve got to get out and get myself a new bikini!!

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