Daily Archives: 04/20/2011

4 20

Hello everyone~

It’s 4.20…most of you know what that means, and for those that don’t…well, go take a walk outside in downtown Vancouver and (from what I hear) it’ll be pretty obvious what it means. The pot-smoking world is rejoicing today, the one day of the year that They party (in public) like it’s 1999. They say it’s the best holiday of the year! Oh how I love my pot-smoking brothers and sisters.

So, here we are, welcome to my blog. I decided that it was easier for me to have this site than try to maintain my idaripley.com website on a regular basis with what I’m doing and where I am (it’s one of those things that if I don’t do it often enough, I have to re-learn it every time!). So, I will do my best to keep this updated with what I’m up to and where I’m off to….and, of course, any other things that I feel you may want to read about!! 😉

I’m currently in Victoria, teaching a bit at the 4 studios around here. I’ve been finding lately that the most of the working I’m doing is on the road, so when I’m home it’s nice for me to only teach a few classes/week. I post where and when I’m teaching each day on my facebook page, so friend me if you want to know where I’ll be on what day!

The next seminar I have booked is in Winnipeg in the end of this month. I’ll be there the 29th of April-2nd of May. You can contact www.staffordstreethotyoga.com for more information.

That’s the basics for today. I’m sure this blog will be organic in it’s nature and content, so come back often and see what’s happening!